An Ocean of Love Deep in the Heart of God

God said:

Can it be? Can it really be true that you and I are One? How can it be, you wonder. While you may be immersed in problems, you are well aware that I am free from the concept of problem. In the arena I am in, there is no such thing as problem. There is joy, and there is peace, and there is love. Where can problem exist in the midst of such wonderfulness?

How can you bridge this distance you feel between Us? How can We bridge the gap, beloveds, between the ideas in your head and the Reality That Is? How do We get you to come over to My side of the river?

The Finder and the Found

God said:

Come into My heart. Come right now. How do you find My heart? You will find it in yours, deep within. Probably not on the surface, beloveds. You may find that you have to wander your way to Me. You will have to let go of some other ideas before you dig up the One Who Dwells in Your Heart.

You dig, and then old ideas get in your way. Release those old ideas, and you will find Me deep within your heart. You will find Me calmly waiting for you to find Me.

God Wants You Now

God said:

Think a moment of what it means that your heart is connected to all other hearts. This is not only a nice phrase, beloveds. This is the Wholeness of Truth. Every heart beats within yours. Your heart beats in everyone else's. There is one tom-tom beating all over the Universe, and it is yours, and it is Mine, and it is Ours.

There is one stream of love. There are not many streams, even though it may look that way to you.

Now you look further.

What God Made When He Made You

God said:

You are you no matter what. Day or night, you are you. In the relative world, you are one definable you. In truth, you are Oneness.

You are not all the temporary flavors that you may see yourself limited to. In terms of the world, you may well not be constant. In My terms, you are true and total Oneness. How straight as an arrow is My vision. I can see through tall buildings. Beloveds, I can see through you.

All That You Really Want

God said:

What if you could really believe that you are Oneness, My Oneness? The whole world would open for you. There would no longer be seeming departures from Oneness. You would understand Who you are, and you would live it. Of course, you would, for you would see the world as a flower opening before your very eyes. Indeed, you would see with new eyes, and you would see what you had not seen before. You would see what you had never seen before because you would be new.

In the Innocence of God's Love

God said:

Holy are you. You don't think so. You think you are the farthest thing from holy. And when I tell you that you are, you think I am really innocent and unaware of how you really are.

How mistaken you are! I am aware of how you really are. It is you who is not.

I would like to restore you to your innocence where you did not have such strong opinions about yourself. I would like you to waver from your strong opinions and let Me wrap you in the innocence of My love.

The Tiger and the Lamb

God said:

There are at least two sides to you, and you don't always know which you are. Let's call one side Lefty and the other side Righty. Do not Righty and Lefty debate quite a few matters? Do you not talk to yourself a lot and see more than one side to what you happen to be thinking about?

Waves of Loneliness

God said:

Loneliness has its good points. It shows a yearning for more closeness with the world and, ultimately, Me. It is a yearning to share. It is a silent knowing that there is more for you, and the more you seek is calling to you.

Is there anyone who has not experienced loneliness? Someone with many friends knows loneliness just as well as someone with one friend or, seemingly, no friends. Someone in a cave all by himself may not feel lonely and, very likely, isn't thinking about loneliness at all.

Your Heart Is Your Bond

God said:

Every person on Earth has his own agenda. He has his own way of viewing the world. In effect, each person lives in his own world, and yet, still, each person is everyone. You are everyone and everyone is you. Everyone shares the same spot.

If you were to time travel, or someone were to time travel to you, you would still be two human beings, and you would recognize each other. Even if you did not speak the same language, you would communicate, one heart to another. Sometimes you communicate better without words.

One Family, One World

God said:

Whose heart could you lift right now? Let Me rephrase the question. Whose heart could you not lift right now? Whose heart cannot use some lifting? Who has not had troubles in his life? Who has not been hurt? Who is not still carrying some scars? The need for upliftment is great.

What if you actually believe that everyone is your brother, or your sister, or mother or father, or son or daughter?

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