A Golden Cord Connects the Son with the Father

God said:

Today We talk about life on Earth, the aspect of life that is so beautiful and yet so painful for you, the aspect that you hold on to while you shrug your shoulders at it. You have a mixed relationship with life on Earth, and you have a mixed relationship with yourself. And you have a mixed relationship with Me.

Sometimes you are the rebelling teenager. Sometimes you are the resigned old man. Sometimes you are the young child who stamps and cries. Sometimes you are the sun rising, and sometimes you are the sun setting, and, at one time or another, you are all the colors of the rainbow.

You have a spine that holds your body up, and you have a connection with Me that supports your innerness of Being. I am your innerness of Being. Your life is not in the body. Your body is not the cause of your life, and it is not the limit of it. Your innerness of Being is your support, and it has no limits.

Lean toward acceptance of that.

The growth of your spine was automatic. It was its nature to grow and expand your body and hold you straight all the while.

So with the golden cord that connects Us one to another. It is its nature to grow along with you. This is more than a maintenance system. And it does not stop growing. It grows with or without your say-so.

Much of what you experience on earth as grueling comes from your unfilled need to recognize this golden light that shines within you and all others.

The same life with awareness of this golden light, with awareness of the golden chain of Our love, has a different cast to it. It is this cast you seek.

The kindergarten child whose father walks him to school is a different child from the one who believes he walks alone. When the father walks with the child, and the child is yet unaware that his champion walks with him, the child does not feel the strength of his father's presence even though it is actually there. There is strength, and there is awareness of strength.

When the child knows that his father walks beside him, life does not seem like a battlefield. The child does not have to be so wary. His walk to school becomes like a jaunt, and he walks through a meadow filled with interesting things to pick.

The walk with awareness of the father and the walk without awareness are not the same walk. Awareness of the father makes all the difference. With or without awareness, the father walks the child.

As the child in life grows, and he goes to school, his father's presence is felt within his heart. His father may not be visible, but the son nevertheless carries the father's strength within him. His father's strength has become his own. The son carries the stature of his father wherever he goes. The father accompanies him no matter.

Today, as you walk through your life that you think is personal, consider My presence. Notice Me at every corner you turn. You may look back to see that I am following, but more likely you will see Me ahead. You will recognize that I have been showing you the way, and My presence will enter you, and you will never be without awareness of it.

Recognize your Friend. Recognize your Heavenly Father Who lights your way. Recognize that which flourishes within you.

What can befall you when the golden bond between you and your Father is forged and noted? Do not consider changes in life as interference. What can change when We are golden light?

I walk arm in arm with you. I am a constant Presence in your life. Put some attention on My presence and less on the footfalls you fear. Attend to My presence, and you will not hear the footfalls. You will know they are things of the past. They cannot reach you with your Father beside you.

Your faith in Me is your recognition of Me. When you realize that We walk together, your Earth life takes on a new cast.

The ground does not hold you up.

I hold you.

You are already up.

Just notice Where you are and Who is with you.

You and I walk the same.

Only the scenery changes.

Adjust your eyes to it.

Life grows brighter.

You are not dependent upon what goes on around you. Your life is not scenery-based. Your life is God-based.

Thank goodness.

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Response to A Golden Cord.

Thank you so much for posting this. It's beautiful and accurate.