Eyes of Love

God said:

What if there is only good fortune? What if bad luck does not exist?

When I created the Universe, I said it was good. I did not say, mostly good. Or sometimes good. Or once in a while good. I said good. I did not say goodness and mercy were tempered with less than goodness and mercy.

When I said that creation was good, that was not an assessment on a scale. Goodness was the one emblem of the world. There was not more good or less good. I said creation was good. I was well-pleased with what was set before Me.

What do you think "Surely goodness and mercy shall follow you all the days of your life" means? It does not say goodness and mercy would staccato in and out of your life. It says goodness and mercy are yours every day, all your life.

See the gold as I do see the gold. Let it penetrate your life. If you do not see the gold on the surface, then bring it to the surface. Know that gold exists.

If you see rust in life, you know rust appears on something. You know there is something that has rust on it. Peer beneath the rust.

If you see life as running a gauntlet, you are mistaken, but even in your being mistaken, there is good. At least you are seeing. Not clearly, but you are at least on the track of seeing. Be a seer.

Whatever you think you are living through, you are a being of love. When love seems to be absent, no matter what the statistics support, it is your own love you have forgotten.

When I say love, I do not mean a semblance of love. I do not mean love as an effort or contrived. I mean love as a state of being, an inalienable state of being. See through My eyes.

What do your eyes look for? What do they expect to see? They are not idle words that say I am everywhere. That is not a slogan. That is Truth. But you tend to mix up truth with falsehood. Picture upon picture overtakes you. Words upon words over take you. Drama overtakes you.

In the world, you have often distrusted. When someone has been generous with you, for instance, you may become suspicious and wonder what is behind it. Start wondering what is behind all that which you seem to see as faulty. What is fault disguising? Why would you trust in disguise more than in what disguise covers?

Trust goodness. Trust Mine. Trust yours.

Creation is a picture before you.

Your eyes are eyes of love, and through your eyes, great love can be seen. No matter what dismality your eyes see now, they can see greater. Let your eyes be pools of love. Let not your eyes be distant. Let love fall from your eyes. Moisten the universe with your eyes of love.

Love is not to be tossed aside. Love is not to be disparaged. Love isn't silly or a waste of time or anything else you might imagine. It is not rickrack. It is not tagged on.

Wield love in the world. Let love be your staff. Let love be. Leave it well enough alone. Let love guide you. With eyes of love, you'll see from a great height, and the higher you stand, the vaster your view.