God the Creator

Eyes of Love

God said:

What if there is only good fortune? What if bad luck does not exist?

When I created the Universe, I said it was good. I did not say, mostly good. Or sometimes good. Or once in a while good. I said good. I did not say goodness and mercy were tempered with less than goodness and mercy.

Be Innocent

God said:

If you already know everything, what can you learn?

Take a step forward, and know nothing. Then you will learn everything.

You try to match what you think you already know with what I say, and then you keep or discard accordingly.

Be open. That's how things get in. Closed, what can enter? You close yourself in to a small territory. Abandon territory. Open the gates. I am not talking about exposing yourself to the world. I am talking about opening to Truth, and I am that Truth. Expand your boundaries of thought. Let in a possibility.

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