You Are the Universe

God said:

I stand at your side. I am always there. Put your awareness on Me. Attend to Me Who is at your side. That one bit of awareness will change the concept, content, and the culture of your life. Arise, arise!

There is attention put on a country's culture and corporate culture. Now culture some attention on your own radiance. Be the beacon light that shines in the darkness for all to see. Be a culture medium for Me. I need your help. There is mass sadness in the world, and I need you to break it. I will use you to break it.

Of what use is sadness? No matter what its story, its basis, its conviction, it is a glue that sticks you in place. That is its purpose, to keep you where you are, and, therefore, to keep you from moving ahead. Who invented sadness? Where did the word "alas" come from?

Banish sadness. Leave it behind. It is a detour you got lost on. Moan no longer. Mourn no longer. Open your eyes! Arise to your journey.

You tighten up as I say that. You are afraid of your journey. What shall I call it then? An escapade? An adventure? A dream? Let's call it a vacation with God. Yes. Let's go on vacation from sadness and despair. Let's go!

Just get up from where you have stuck yourself, and We begin. That is the only hard part, and it seems hard only because you are glued in a space. Once you leave the spot where you have anchored yourself, it is easy. It is easy to sail with Me. It is easy to seek your fortune with Me, for I am your Fortune.

You are fortunate.

What a Tour Guide I am!

There is no other like Me.

I know all the sights, the well-known and the little-known, and I bar you from none. You are My guest, My comrade, My confidante, and We are going everywhere together. Alone, it cannot be done because alone, you do not have all the keys.

Of course, there are no doors locked, so the keys are insights, and I will give them all to you, one by one, or all at once. In truth, I must tell you that there is only one key. I am the Key. You do not have to turn the Key. You have to turn to the Key, and allow Me. I am the Opener. And I am going to open you to yourself. I am going to open your eyes, your ears, your heart, your very soul. I am going to open you to the universe until you know you are the universe. Behold! And then you will know your vitality beyond the universe, and you will merge with Me.

Do not fear that you lose yourself. True, you will lose your ego, but that never was yourself. It has been said that in losing yourself, you will find yourself. You know you have been lost. You have already lost yourself.

A wanderer may look like he knows where he is going, but a wanderer wanders on the face of the earth. You have had enough of the face of the earth. You want the light of Heaven, and I am going to take your awareness there, and you will never return to your present state. Why would you?

Come along. Your Fortune has been waiting for you. Give Me a little of the faith that you have had for misfortune. You have had great faith in misfortune. You have bet on it.

Now bet aright. Bet on the Only Sureness. I am sure you are My child, and I am sure We are together, and I am sure that you will recognize Our kinship and call yourself My Own. I do not make promises lightly. I do not make promises. I tell you what is so.