The Light within You

God said:

I am a beautiful God. And you are My beautiful child. See beauty, and you will see Me, and you will see yourself.

Your vision has been skewed.

You know those pictures where at first you see the outline of something, and that is all you see? When you keep looking, you start to see the space around the outline, and an entirely other picture appears. From the same color and distribution on the page comes an entirely different view. And that is what you are learning to do now, to see another picture that is already there. This is how to expand your vision.

It is not a reverse scene that you see in those pictures as you keep looking. It is not the opposite. It is another scene altogether made from the background space around the first scene you noticed.

You take your eyes off the obvious picture, and then, with openness to see, you see. You see what at first you did not see. You see what at first you thought was not there. But it was there. All the time, it was there, but you didn't look, and you didn't see. Sometimes you need the fact that there is another picture there pointed out to you, and then you see. But you always have to see for yourself. The light within you has to be lit up, and then you see.

The world is golden. You see black and white. But your eyes have not been attuned to see the gold. They have learned to see black and white. Your vision stopped at black and white.

There is much you do not see. Admit this. And then perhaps you will begin to see.

I have told you that you are at the threshold of Heaven, that you have to leave the threshold and enter Heaven itself. Enough waiting at the door! Enough waiting at the opening because there is, of course, no actual door.

One reason why you are paralyzed at the threshold of Heaven is that you don't see the palatial floor beneath you nor the palace beyond. You just see this blur before you, and you remember all the details behind you. So you think you have to choose between the black-and-white life of the past or an unseen unknown life in the one step you have yet to take.

Here is the joker. The unseen life was always present, only you just saw the details. You just didn't see the light and colors around the details you focused on. Yet somewhere in your vision, with a memory or a sighting, the beauty reached you, and your heart knew — and knows — it is there.

You are not entering the unknown.

You are, in fact, entering the Most Known. You are entering the First Known. You are merely returning to your beginning that never paused.

Some of you think you have to wait for death to know your Beginning, but that is a fallacy along with all the others. We are not talking about death here. Do not wait for death of the body to take you to Heaven, for there is no need to wait for anything.

Simply return to Me. Turn your eyes and heart to Me, and you will remember. You will see that there is no step to take. There is no step at all. There never was. You were already over the threshold but just hadn't seen it.

There is no blur ahead of you. There is clarity, for Light makes clear. Darkness vanishes in light, and what was the darkness but your eyes blinking closed but for a moment?

Look up! Open your eyes to Me. I am before you. I am mightily before you.