Sadness Is Connected to Time

Gloria to Mother Divine:

Dear Mother Divine, what is sadness?

Mother Divine:

Sadness is recollection of the past which is gone and cannot return and a prophesy of something in the future that may never be that you miss ahead of time. Sadness empowers lack and loss and impossibility. Sadness is like a bath that is a bit too hot, but you sink into it anyway.

Sadness comes in wisps.

Why did you think to ask about sadness?

What Is There That Lasts?

God said:

Do you recognize the sweetness that sadness holds for you? In truth, beloveds, on Earth you want it. Sadness is a mixed up thing. It is longing for what has passed or has not yet arrived. Sadness is a bewildering sense of loss, often for you-know-not-what. In truth, you even long for sadness because it holds a sweetness for you. It tells you that you are a person who cares, when, often in the world, your attention is swept up in things other than caring. Sadness also reminds you that you connected to someone or something. Sadness gives you a whole field of possibilities.

Why Would Anyone Choose Sadness?

God said:

Is there a point to sadness? What is the gain of it? Is it not a modicum of feeling sorry for yourself? You may feel sadness is foisted on you, but do you not pick out a cause for it, just as you would pick out a lollipop? Sometimes you think all you can be is to be sad.

But sadness isn't wise and wonderful. Nor does it go deep as you like to think it does. In fact, it is shallow.

There are many roads you can take. Sadness is only one of them. You do not have to amble down that road. You can turn around or cross the street. Sadness does not possess you. You have held it.

A Universe of Love

God said:

Sadness comes and sadness goes. It is temporary. No matter how long it lasts, it is temporary. The only thing that really lasts is love. Sadness is not love, although it often is the bemoaning of love.

Choose love every time. Where there is love, where can there be room for sorrow? When there is love, what is there to be sorrowful about? Love cannot be lost. Only the tokens of love can seem to be lost. But a token is not that which it represents, no matter how well it represents it. A token can only be representative. No matter how great the token of love, it is still a token.

The Radiant Sun of Your Heart

God said:

What can sadness be but a temporary illusion? A visitor in your heart only for a while. A sad stranger who wants to make a home for himself with you and doesn't know when to leave. Most assuredly, sadness overstays its welcome.

Of course, sadness must be some comfort to you, or why would you have it?

You Are the Universe

God said:

I stand at your side. I am always there. Put your awareness on Me. Attend to Me Who is at your side. That one bit of awareness will change the concept, content, and the culture of your life. Arise, arise!

There is attention put on a country's culture and corporate culture. Now culture some attention on your own radiance. Be the beacon light that shines in the darkness for all to see. Be a culture medium for Me. I need your help. There is mass sadness in the world, and I need you to break it. I will use you to break it.

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