What Is There That Lasts?

God said:

Do you recognize the sweetness that sadness holds for you? In truth, beloveds, on Earth you want it. Sadness is a mixed up thing. It is longing for what has passed or has not yet arrived. Sadness is a bewildering sense of loss, often for you-know-not-what. In truth, you even long for sadness because it holds a sweetness for you. It tells you that you are a person who cares, when, often in the world, your attention is swept up in things other than caring. Sadness also reminds you that you connected to someone or something. Sadness gives you a whole field of possibilities.

Sadness has to do with memories. It also has to do with attachment. You can keep love, you know, without going through the old photographs in your mind. It is difficult for you to put memories to rest. In this case, recognize that you enjoy your sadness. Let it be your friend. Sadness does not have to be banished. It can be a pastime. It has been a code of honor.

Each loved one is irreplaceable. It is true that there will never be another one like the one or ones for whom you long. It is also true that no one is absent. They exist with or without your sadness. On one plane or another, they exist. They do not need your sad longing in order to exist.

If a loved one appears to be absent, through whatever change in circumstances, it is true that you will meet again. It is certain that you will meet again outside of the physical dimension that you presently are occupied with. You will meet in a moonlit night or a sun-filled day at noon and you will instantly reunite in love. You will meld in love. And you will have love without sadness, and you will know that there was no parting.

This does not mean that you will not cry your tears on Earth. Cry well. You have My permission to cry.

I would have you laugh well as well. There is a great correlation between crying and laughter. Both are physical expressions that go beyond the physical. In both there is a recognition of the absurdity of life, the absurdity of holding on to anything, the absurdity and sanctity of seriousness, the absurdity of strife and of woe. Sometimes you cry in the midst of laughing, and you laugh at yourself in the midst of crying.

What is this body that sits there and cries? Who is this being that laughs and cries in joy and despair? Salt tears return to the Earth from which they arise. Tears of laughter the same. Tears and laughter both reach Heaven and are transformed here. There is no need for sorrow or sense of humor in Heaven where there is joy instead. There is the Beingness of love. Is there something else you would rather have?

Do not be dismayed at your dismay. There are no rules about living life. You cannot orchestrate it, but you can meet it. You do. Meet it on its own terms.

Your life on Earth is a mere episode. If life is dance, then sometimes you tango, and sometimes you waltz, and sometimes you soul-dance, and sometimes you sit and watch yourself dance whatever dance you happen to be dancing at the moment. Who can say which dance is better? You can say which dance you would prefer, but the music will play with or without your consent.

Know that no waltz is wasted. No two-step is wasted. Nothing at all is wasted. All serves a purpose. When you recognize this, it may be easier for the music to change and for you to dance another dance. There is movement in the universe, and you also move. You do not stay in the same place. Life teaches you that. It teaches you what is real and what is not, what is permanent and what is not. And nothing on Earth is permanent but My love for you.

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3 Heavenletter Haikus for

3 Heavenletter Haikus for you

God said all life serves
And nothing is permanent
But My love for you

God said on One plane
Outside of the physical
You will meld in joy

God said you will know
In Heaven where there is joy
No One is absent

Love, Light and Aloha!