Dross into Gold

God said:

Powers are one thing. Consciousness is another. Powers cover a narrow field. Consciousness is vast. Powers are not to be sought. Consciousness is. Consciousness is to be sought for itself, not for something it will bring you. You do not seek greater Consciousness so that you may become a performer of sorts. You do not seek greater Consciousness so that you may become a star in the world, or an authority, or a magician of wonders. Seek greater Consciousness so that you may know the star that you already are. From the light of the stars you come. From the light of the stars you return. What will you do meanwhile and whom will it benefit?

Your motive is not to become spectacular. Your motive is not to stand above others. Your motive is not to impress. Your motive is not to gain mastery.

It is not that you would turn mastery away. You would accept it as a gift from God. You would know the power is not yours. You would take it in your stride. You would not make a big thing of it. You have more important matters to tend to.

If you walk on water, it will be to save someone.

If you multiply food, it will be to feed the hungry.

If you part the seas, it will be so that people can get across.

If you make a lot of money, make it so that you can make life better for others, perhaps even the world.

The arena of life is too grand to focus overmuch on yourself. Widen your horizon. Give up your ideas of power and control and lean toward giving. If you seek to stand out, then seek to be spectacular in your power of giving. Seek to serve.

Remember your purpose and think of why you do what you do. The why is your intention and motive. Why are you here, beloveds? Where do your footprints lead?

You are not here to serve yourself. If you take heaping platefuls of life, let it be for the benefit of all mankind. You do not need to be at the head of the line. You do not need to sit on a throne. You do not need to be admired. You need to serve as only you can serve. It is a high thing to be a servant of God. If you do not like the word "servant", then be an agent of God. Be what I have proclaimed you to be. Be what you are, a child of God, the server of God and, through God, the server of mankind.

Plant trees, and you serve. Sweep the floor, and you serve. Drive a car, and you serve. Fly a plane, and you serve. Run a company, and you serve. Keep in mind Whom you serve and why. Keep in mind what you are in thrall to. Of themselves success and fame are not worth much, not even to you, yet your success and fame can serve Me very well. That is the reason to have them.

Isn't it true that you sometimes get sidetracked? Some shiny bauble appears on the horizon, and you think it's the brass rail, only to find out that, when you reach it, it's nothing at all. That's what coveted powers are. They are nothing at all. Why choose dross painted to look gold when you can have gold and when, all along, you have the power to turn dross into gold?

You have the power to plant a garden. You have the power to sow love. You have the power to turn war into peace. You are the power to love. No need to seek a parlor trick.