Let Your Voice Be Heard

God said:

If you have something to say, say it, and do not hide under anonymity. Anonymity is a guise of ego except when you give anonymously, that's different. When you give anonymously, you reinforce that all gifts are from God. This is not denying the Source. This is revealing it.

But when you have a statement to make, an opinion, a point of view, a letter to the editor, a suggestion to a friend, do not hide. There is nothing to hide from. No one said that everything you say has to be perfect. When you cloister yourself behind a screen of anonymity, you pretend to yourself that you are not responsible for what you say when, of course, you are. If a statement comes from your mouth or your pen, you are responsible. It is not modesty that makes you anonymous.

Anonymity is like pretending you are invisible while you can see the whole situation and no one else can see you seeing it. Anonymity is kind of sly. There is nothing in this world to be sly about.

When you choose anonymity, you weaken your foundation. Anonymity is like telling a lie. Lies do not strengthen your perception of yourself. Anonymity does not tell the truth. Anonymity, like a lie, dissipates your energy.

You may hark back to anonymity of giving and wonder why that is so different. Beloveds, when you give anonymously, that is between you and Me. When it comes to anonymity for other purposes, I am not party to it. Anonymity, except for giving, bends your ego. Ego is not a strong thing. Truth is. And you are Truth.

When it comes to a statement, and you withhold your name, you do not give yourself credit. You withhold your identity for nothing. There is no purpose to it, and it encourages fear. You do not want to spread fear. Even if you are the only person in the world who says what he feels, I would have you say it and claim it.

Now, say to yourself: "At this point of time and space, I feel this way. Others can have doubts about what I say. I can have doubts about what I say, but if I say it, I will stand up and say it was I who said it. I am someone who teaches strength to others. I do not hide under the skirt of anonymity."

Fame is not important, but your name is. Standing up for what you believe in is. When you make a statement anonymously, you are only half-saying it. You give it with one hand and take it back with the other. Anonymity is not worthy of you.

Anonymity is a secret. There is nothing to be secretive of. Secrecy is a form of denial. You deny yourself.

Anonymity would lead you to believe that you can get away with something. There is no getting away with anything. Anonymity is pulling the rug right out from under you. I encourage you to stand up, and let your voice be heard and thrown to the winds.