Unbounded Being

God said:

Beloveds, hearts are to be comforted. In truth, there is one heart, but for the sake of expediency, We will say hearts and that they are to comfort and be comforted. This is the true nature of the Human heart. Its nature is to establish that all is well. Hearts are an exchange of love from one to another, an exchange of God, an interchange of God Who is changeless. The meeting of hearts says: "I am here. You are here. We are here. God is here." What more is there to say?

Being is being. It is not action. Action is the mode in the world, and being is the mode of Heaven. The intransitiveness of to be represents the eternity, clarity, and stillness of being. When being moves, it is still being, but it is being moving. Being continues in motion. My children tend to note the motion more than the essential being that supports it.

Do not take this to mean that you are to sit still all the time. Movement reflects your being. Your being is on the move. Your being is established. Action is transient. By its very definition, movement begins and ends, whereas being is ongoing and endless. You are a being who does other things. You are being first, doer second. Being is primary. The world of things is mountainous. All the insurmountable abundance of things that are in the world, in the street, in your home, in your room, are not your foundation, however. Being is.

Being needs nothing. It is all-encompassing. It is enough. The physical consists of toys strewn around, some more beautiful, some more lasting than others. In the scale of the world, some are valuable and others are trifles. When you get right down to it, all are toys, and all are trifles next to the power of your being. And yet the man-made toys support your physical life while you exist on Earth. Otherwise, they are nothing at all.

Life is a full-range enterprise. There are no boundaries to it, for, of course, being has no boundaries. If being had boundaries, it would not be being. It would be something else. For a span of what is called time on Earth, it is as if your being is in a toothpaste tube, and it is squeezed. It certainly is contracted. Think of it, the entire Being of the whole universe channeled into a man-made circumference of small proportions! And yet, the Being in fullness nevertheless exists and, in its full stature, does reveal the Beingness of all creation. Certainly, you are to step out of the measly proportions that the world delegates to you.

You are Being Supreme. Surely, nothing holds you forever in its grip. Burst the bounds seemingly imposed on you.

You are an unlimited being who has been tied down. Your thoughts have tied you down. You accepted limits and denied your own truth. Now I am telling you truth. I am telling you that there is nothing that can confine you except your own acceptance of it. Of course, when I say you now, I am not limiting you to your physical body. Your physical body can be restrained, while the Being that you are knows not rope nor steel nor any flange equal to it. None. The thought is laughable. Your Being is more powerful than anything. Acknowledge this to yourself. Respect it. Flex your Being muscles, as it were, and, no matter how seemingly cramped you may think you are, stand up in your full height and light and be amazed.