Bells Ringing in Heaven

God said:

Little children play. They enjoy. Joy is one of the great qualities of little children. In their joy, how much joy they give to you! While they are very very young, they develop a sense of humor. Is it for the baby or for you that you play peek-a-boo? Every child's laugh is like a bell ringing in Heaven.

A Surprise of Joy

God said:

Will you laugh more? Will you have as your intention today to laugh? Find a surprise of joy today, and laugh. Find many surprises of joy, and laugh.

Laughter comes because you have been taken out of ordinary thought. Laughing doesn't come from logic. A break in your usual thinking surprises you and makes you laugh. A leap of thought, and laughter arises.

Surprise and laughter are wonderful gifts. Getting out of your ordinary thoughts is a wonderful event. Finding a different interpretation is a great blessing. Laughter gets you out of your rut of perception.

What Is There That Lasts?

God said:

Do you recognize the sweetness that sadness holds for you? In truth, beloveds, on Earth you want it. Sadness is a mixed up thing. It is longing for what has passed or has not yet arrived. Sadness is a bewildering sense of loss, often for you-know-not-what. In truth, you even long for sadness because it holds a sweetness for you. It tells you that you are a person who cares, when, often in the world, your attention is swept up in things other than caring. Sadness also reminds you that you connected to someone or something. Sadness gives you a whole field of possibilities.

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