Why Would Anyone Choose Sadness?

God said:

Is there a point to sadness? What is the gain of it? Is it not a modicum of feeling sorry for yourself? You may feel sadness is foisted on you, but do you not pick out a cause for it, just as you would pick out a lollipop? Sometimes you think all you can be is to be sad.

But sadness isn't wise and wonderful. Nor does it go deep as you like to think it does. In fact, it is shallow.

There are many roads you can take. Sadness is only one of them. You do not have to amble down that road. You can turn around or cross the street. Sadness does not possess you. You have held it.

Have you not had enough of it? Why would you choose it again and again?

When you go to the store, you do not pick out what you don't want. Why, then, when it comes to emotions, are you prone to pick out those you do not enjoy. Do you think sadness is good for you?

Sadness plays a stalling game.

Of course, you can play any game you want. You can play Sadness and worse. You have free choice. But that is just the point I wish to make: You have free choice.

If you could choose anything in the world, what would you choose? Choose it then. Choose happiness. Actually, you have. Sadness is only a gradation of happiness. It is happiness mistaken. Turn sadness over and see what's on the other side.

In sadness you feel weak. In happiness you feel strong. Why would anyone choose sadness?

But you still cannot accept that you choose it. You still think you are a victim of it. Instead, be a victor of it. Rise above it. Don't waste your time on sadness any longer.

Have your cry if you must, but then get up from it. You have cried your tears. You can stop now. Let go of the past, and you will not know sadness. Sadness is not great. It is in the category of chewing your nails. Only it is viewed more nobly. Sadness is something you feel, but you feel it because you hang on to a momentary sensation that you name sadness or sorrow or sense of loss, or stalemating fear.

Gain experience with being uplifted. Eschew being downtrodden.

Where is the sensation of sadness located? You feel it in your heart, but your mind has put it there. You mind reacted to something, a thought, an occurrence, a memory, and it signaled your heart to feel anxious. And your heart felt anxious, while your mind went off and had a good time darting here and there.

After a while, the mind will pounce on something joyous and you will be reminded of joy. The mind takes on too much power, and you let it.

Sadness is a mood. You think you are entitled to moods. Are you entitled to be sad? Are you entitled to pout? Is that what you think you are entitled to? Do you think sadness is your main entitlement, and that joy and other enjoyments are only to be interspersed onto this field of sadness?

Beloveds, you are entitled to joy, unending joy. Let joy become major in your life. Let joy become your calling card. Let joy become your symptom. Pin joy on your lapel. Hang a sign of joy around your neck.

Enough of sadness. It is joy gone wrong. It is too much thinking about yourself. Think of Me instead. Let Me give you joy. Wrest sadness from your heart, and replace it with My joy. There is space in your heart for joy.

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