The Threshold

God said:

My Beloveds, you stand at a gate and you hesitate to enter. What holds you back? It is old thoughts. What are fears but old thoughts coming back to roost? What you think is wisdom is often folly. Is it not folly to stand at My door and not come in? You have been invited. You have been urged. You have been sought. You have been beckoned. There is only one direction to go in, but you stand and wait before you take another step.

Fear freezes you.

Let My love unfreeze you.

You are not a statue. You are a live vibrant star on Earth, and you huddle within yourself. Throw back your shoulders, remove the cloak you have covered yourself with, and take My hand. If you think it is brave to come to Me, then be brave. If you think it is awesome, then be awed, but come to Me. Enter My presence. It is the securest there is. It is the only secure. You have lived in the land of fear, and you fear to enter unbounded love. You fear to leave the safe shores of fear, safe only because they are familiar to you and you have held them to you.

Well, then, let Me become familiar to you. Let love be as precious as fear. Let love be more precious. You fear your preciousness. You fear that you rise for a fall, but you rise to be with Me, your Father in Heaven, Who is ever watchful of you, Who prepares your way, Who makes a comfortable seat for you in Heaven, but you fear it will not be comfortable because it is not made of material but rather of love immaterial. It is of great importance, this immaterial love of Ours.

You are My import. You are My significance. You are My message. I call you. You are afraid to respond. You are afraid to hear My call, for you fear that I will take you away from something dear rather than bring you to something beyond dearness, something beyond your very hopes. I tell you, My children, that I will take you beyond your very hopes, because hope is little, and you have not begun to hope for enough.

You have hoped for the swings to carry you, and I give you the destination of your swing.

You have hoped for a messenger from Me, a sign, and I appear before you Myself and I give Myself to you.

You have asked for reprieves, and that is way too little to ask for.

Ask for the All of All.

Ask to be the embodiment of Heaven.

Ask to go beyond the threshold of Heaven.

The threshold is not your destination.

I am your destination.

I am your Source and your destination, and you dillydally, trying to figure it out.

What is there to figure? You only figure delay. You think about your entrance when you could be entering. In order to enter, leave behind where you have been. But you are not entering darkness. You are leaving darkness behind and entering light.

You fear you will be blinded. You fear that you will be thrown out because you fear you do not belong with Me. That is not for you to say. I have claimed you. I say you belong with Me. Do not countermand My wishes. Wishes is too weak a word. Do not countermand My will, because My will is for you, My children. My will is for you.

What did you think My will was for?

Did you think it was aimless?

Did you think it was misbegotten?

Did you think My will was My whim?

I have no whims. I have only Will. And My Will is based on My foresight. It is based on My certain knowledge. Come to Me. You will. That is inevitable. The choice is not yours. Your only choice is when. And I say, Now. Come to Me now. Why keep Me waiting?

Say it: "My God, I come to You now. Even with my holdover fears, I come to You now. I come to You now as I am. I come to You apologetic, and You say that what I am is enough, that I am Your being, and that You want me with You more than I know by myself to be with You. That is why Your Will must reign until I discover that Your Will is my own that I have hidden from myself. But I will hide no longer. You have chosen me, and so I will choose myself to enter Your Kingdom and stay with You always.

"I accept Your invitation. This is my RSVP. I am Yours, dear God. I am Yours. I am!"