God's gifts

A Gift from God with Your Name on It

God said:

What will you make of today? What will you do with it? Consider life today your oven. What will you bake in it today?

Today does come to you, and it brings what it brings with it. It may well bring surprises for you. The day is innocent. It is not responsible for what it brings, for the day is an innocent carrier. What do you bring to the day, beloveds? As the receiver of the day, do you not have some say as to how you walk through it? Whatever the day today carries, you carry it as well. It is up to you how you greet the day and what you make of it. You can make of it what you will.

The Song We Sing and the Dance We Dance

God said:

If you had a stocking as big as a house to hang over your fireplace, it still would not be big enough for all the good that is on its way to you and that you deserve.

You know, of course, that I speak of more than the material in your life. In this case, I speak of filling up your heart.

I fill up the world with all manner of golden benefits, and there is room for more and more. You may not have reached in your hand deeply enough. There is more than you thought. Much more.

Right now, you could write a list of all your desires. That is a good idea.

It Doesn't Have to Be in Words

God said:

Gratitude is simply awareness. When you look at the sky and you note that it is blue, you say: "Sky is blue." There is nothing remarkable or extraordinary in saying that. You saw the sky, and you saw it was blue. And so it is with gratitude.

Great Blessings

God said:

You would be surprised with all I have up My sleeve for you. You will be surprised. Bounteous gifts are flowing to you like rafts in a river. Be ready. Have your arms out ready to catch.

Gifts are going to reach you the way checked-on luggage revolves at the airport. Be ready to grab fast. This is not a one-time chance. Your good fortune will come around again. It's all ready for you. But why not clasp it the first time around? And then you are on your way.

If Your Mind Were Your Donkey

God said:

What is on your mind now?

The expression "on your mind" connotes a burden. How about having something wonderful on your mind that connotes joy? If what is presently on your mind is heavy, remove it like a backpack. Put it down. You don't ever have to pick it up again, or, if you must, then invite a solution, and have joy in finding a solution or resolution. If you cannot find a good solution, at least resolve it in your mind. Do not overload your mind. Your mind is meant for much more than carrying burdens.

You Are on a Treasure Hunt

God said:

Remember My promise to shower blessings upon you. When it rains, remember this pledge I make to you. When the sun shines, remember My vow to you. Let everything be a reminder to you. Think of Me. Remember Me and the blessings I will inevitably pour upon you. Know this. Know this more than you know anything else.

The Rays of the Moon

God said:

I have told you not to take things personally because it is your ego that makes things personal. It is your ego that singles you out. But now I will tell you that there are some things that are personal to you.

The rays of the moon enter your bedroom at night. They are meant personally for you.

The Sun's rays fall on you during the day.

Breezes blow on you.

These are personally for you.

Awareness of this personalness does not address your ego. It addresses truth. The love of the universe is precisely for you.

Give to God

God said:

You put a lot of attention on gifts to buy for others, something that will make them happy. Indeed, gifts are tokens, and tokens are a substitute for something else. They carry a value attributed to them. The wonderful thing is that you want to give happiness to someone somewhere, and you purchase an emblem of your affection, which We hope is true but may be otherwise.

Today perhaps you will think about Me, and what gift from you that I would like. What is it that you could give to Me, or pledge to Me from your true heart?

How to Bless

God said:

Let Me put words into your mouth. Let Me speak through you. And that is what I do do. I open your mouth. I move your arms and your legs. I open your heart, for I am the Mover of the Universe, and I move you.

You are caught in a maelstrom of My love.

You cannot get out of it. Don't try.

Ask that you hear My thoughts and speak My words.

Ask that you be so filled with My love that every utterance from your mouth is from Me.

Ask that you be so filled with My love that every act from your heart is from Me.

That every painting you make is from Me.

God Is Not Santa Claus

God said:

Beloveds, I am not Santa Claus. Do not think that you can make a list, and that I will deliver everything on your list even if you have been very good? I am not going to give you a shiny red fire truck or an El Dorado every time. These are for you to deliver to yourself.

I am not a genie in a bottle who must fulfill your every whim, grant your every wish, be at your beck and call.

I am not a magic potion that will make your body young again.

Nor am I Cupid who will shoot an arrow and make someone you designate fall in love with you because that's what you want.

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