You Are on a Treasure Hunt

God said:

Remember My promise to shower blessings upon you. When it rains, remember this pledge I make to you. When the sun shines, remember My vow to you. Let everything be a reminder to you. Think of Me. Remember Me and the blessings I will inevitably pour upon you. Know this. Know this more than you know anything else.

Have confidence in Me, beloveds. Have confidence. I reach for the stars for you, and I hand them to you one by one. I twirl the Moon for you. The Sun I move with the tip of My finger. I created everything for you. I created everything beautiful for you. And I created you beautiful as well.

The grass makes the ground soft for you. Flowers bloom for your happiness. Trees stand tall for you, a reminder that you too are to stand tall. Trees give you shade, and in the fall, leaves fall off so you receive the rays of the sun. Beloved animals of Mine offer you love and amusement. There is a bounty of treasure wherever you look.

All this has been prepared for you. Do you think I cannot serve you more tidbits of the Universe? Do you think I cannot think of more to make for you, for your pleasure in life? I can. I can think of everything. I think of you and what I can do to serve you better. Will you begin to think that every day I am ready to bestow great and little blessings upon you? This is inevitably so. I think of nothing else. I certainly don't think of all the things you think about, beloveds! I have too much to do to put My attention on than what does not serve you or the Universe. I am here to serve, and serve I will. This is what I do. I certainly am not here to thwart you.

Turn your thinking to the favors I bestow. I know you want more, and I am bound and determined to give you more. It is not that you put your hand out. It is that your heart be open to receive. Decide not to miss even one treasure I set before you. Not even one.

It is not that you are on a scavenger hunt. It is more like you are going into the woods to pick blueberries. You take a pail with you, of course. You are all ready for blueberry-picking. You are psyched for it. That doesn't take a whole lot — the desire, the intention, and then going out there and exploring and carrying a pail.

In the case of My gifts to you, instead of a pail, you carry your heart. You anticipate the treasures I have heaped up for you in your heart. That's where you put them. Your desires issued from your heart in the first place, and to your heart, they return.

You have sometimes walked past treasures set aside for you. You passed them by because you were not looking. On occasion you almost tripped over some of the treasures meant for you. Still you did not notice, so preoccupied with something else were you. Take your heart vibrantly with you wherever you go so that you can open it up to carry untold treasures strewn before you. If some treasures spill out, that's all to the good. Once I send a treasure to you, and you recognize it, you have received it. Beloveds, I lay up treasures for you. Now be ready to see them, first, and, secondly, to receive, and, third, to give. But, of course, once you see a treasure, that is your acceptance. Accept the treasures I lay up for you just the way a mason builds with bricks for all to see.

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Picking Blueberries

Hello Father!

I will delight in every blueberry I find by Your Hand and give it away to my brothers. All Praise and Glory be to You oh God. In Oneness with You I remain forever until the world is healed!

Waiting with heart anticipation,
LOVE to ALL, Johanne

Dear Johanne - oh that is so

Dear Johanne - oh that is so beautiful...what is the saying? Love isn't love until it is given away!

Beloved animals of Mine offer you love and amusement. There is a bounty of treasure wherever you look.

We have just been blessed to rescue a son is a relief worker in New Orleans, now home for the summer and one of the cats rescued during Hurricane Katrina had a litter of kittens..the relief workers are finding homes for them and we are one of the homes...Alex is a true joy and so much fun and filled with love...and when he purrs, I feel it is a reminder of God's love.

This morning as I was writing in my journal I had such a profound shift in my heart....I am so grateful for the bounty and grace that is so 'evident' in my life but I wrote, 'the greatest gift of all for which I am so grateful is the love I feel from You to me.' And here is the Heaven Letter which echoes that which is in my heart. I am so grateful to know and feel God's Love and I shall open my heart even wider to let the Love pour into me and out into the world.

God bless everyone!

Beloved Johanne and Mary

Beloved Johanne and Mary Sunshine, I love the way you uplift us all.

I think the next time I eat a blueberry, it will be a greater experience than ever before.

By the way, today's blog entry begins with a line from this Heavenletter. Come see!

3 Heavenletter Haikus for

3 Heavenletter Haikus for you

Hello Friends,

God said Beloveds
I created all for you
Wherever you look

God said One by One
I think of nothing but you
That is what I do

God said in your case
I lay up treasures for you
Be ready for them

Love, Light and Aloha!

God's bestowal of treasures: what if ithere aren't any?

I love God dearly and have grown much closer through the Holy Spirit and the Course in Miracles. Yet, while I treasure that which God has given me, I am perplexed by what appears to be my situation. I have no job, and no prospect of getting one even though I was blessed with a great education. As a result, I am about to lose my home and car. I owe money to everyone that I know, because they believed in me, trusted as I did, and was confident that God's Will would provide me with sustainence. I have my health, but I am getting older, and obviously I have no retirement accounts or savings. All of my relatives are dead, and unfortunately, the few friends I had that did loan me money, while sympathetic, can do no more and are frustrated to the point that they don't really want to see me very often.

I try diligently to rest, accept, and trust that God will provide. Yet, I am going on 3 years of unemployment, and the cupboard is bare. I will be homeless soon. I am still trying to find the treasure written of in today's letter, but while I face giving up everything I own (and my computer, which has been my only real connection to a spiritual community), I find it hard to see this as God's gift of treasure. Is there any way you can help me? Sadly, advising me to continue to trust or that something will turn up strikes me as rather shallow. When one has nothing and no one, and there is nothing other than God with which to turn, and yet God isn't providing basic sustainence, what are we to do? What are we to think and feel? How can we put together any sort of life? This world, illusory as it may be, requires some sort of money in order to live. I can't get money. Thus, is God telling me to die? I don't believe that killing myself should be an option, but without an opportunity, what am I to do?

Thank you for reading. Any help you can offer would be greatly appreciated.


Beloved Lori, First of all,

Beloved Lori,

First of all, I want to thank you for posting and posting from your heart. Not everyone trusts enough to tell about their vulnerabilities as you have. This is a great quality, dear Lori.

I sure agree with you 100% when you say: advising me to continue to trust or that something will turn up strikes me as rather shallow.

Lori, there is a fairly recent Heavenletter that tells us not to sit around waiting for God to handle every difficulty for us. Yes, have trust in God, that's a given, but don't wait around.
Rely on yourself.

Jochen, can you find this Heavenletter?

Lori, I would like to ask you a few questions:

Why are you so sure you can't find another job? Why are you sure you can't get money? Why are you sure you have no other options?

Darling, actually, I really wasn't asking questions, but wanted to show you what you are affirming. You must know you've got to change your thinking. God tells us over and over again to get out of the past. Not easy, but you can do it.

Please don't think there is anyone here, including me, who isn't feeling for you and your situation. And there isn't anyone here who hasn't been down and out, and who hasn't been deeply discouraged and couldn't seem to see the forest for the trees. God also asks us to never feel sorry for someone or ourselves because that doesn't help anyone.

Sweetheart, I would like to ask you what you do have. Will you kindly tell us all you do have?
I don't want to be Pollyanna, but can you walk and talk? Please please tell us all you have.

Write back!

Gloria, perhaps what you

Gloria, perhaps what you have in mind is "God Is Not Santa Claus".

It's here:

Yes, dear Jochen, that is

Yes, dear Jochen, that is it! Danke!

Dear Lori...

Hi. I know that when things appear so discouraging...they can appear bleak. And still...God continues to provide for us and love us. Maybe not in ways that are satisfactory to us...maybe not in ways that we are used to...maybe not even in ways that are in keeping with mainstream society...but is present. But...because discouragement is there...wishing so much that things are different...wishing so much that things could be the same as before...because of all of may not feel present...And...I truly understand this...I truly do. And we become so focused out what appears "wrong" that we totally are mesmerized into believing that nothing is right...and that even the occassional gratitude that we used to have...appoears gone too. But is the love gone because we just don't feel it? is still there. How to find it? Seek out some simple in a kindness and a smile from a stranger or even a kindness and a smile coming from you beloved to someone who is less fortunate...materially speaking...than perhaps you. Some of the simplest loving and most powerful treasures from God...are often overlooked. Notice these seemingly little treasures like smiles or little deeds of kindness...for they are indeed powerful enough to open our own hearts...and the hearts of others. Thank you for posting your post...and opening your heart for all of us. Loving and blessing you always. Jim. and keep in touch and let us know how things are going.

Lori, reading your words, I


reading your words, I can listen intently and perhaps hear or even feel where you are. If that is a help, you can have lots of it.

Panic is a difficult place to start from, this much I do know. But not even panic has to mean that all paths are blocked. Let panic be your springboard. I feel you have the guts it takes.

The secret is in this: It is not that you put your hand out. It is that your heart be open to receive. For very much of my life, my heart has not been open to receive. I used to think that what I desired just wasn't there, or not there for me. Or maybe even deliberately witheld from me. But who would do such a silly thing and why? To test my faith? In Heavenletters, God makes it very clear that He is not up to stupid games.

It's all there. Every treasure imaginable has been placed right before us. We are the ones who, for some reason or other and often without realizing it, refuse to receive. "Why?" is not a very helpful question. "How can I get receptive fast enough?" is not a very helpful question. Coming from a life of relative affluence, your current experience may look to you like the end of you. Only stop thinking that thought. Homeless, hungry ..... nothing has to be the end of you. Let the apparent prospect and the dread be your beginning. Let them open your heart for Lori. I'm not arguing that hearts are best opened by pain and lack, not at all. But use whatever you happen to have as your springboard.

In front of a tree standing tall, I sometimes feel ashamed for not standing tall myself. But looking more closely, I realize I'm not exactly a felled or badly crippled tree either. Aren't we always somewhere in between extremes? So, what I try to do is teach myself to say, "So what? I'm not where I want to be yet, but I'm not in the worst of places either. All I could ever wish for is there already and God is helping me become receptive. I'm not the fastest of apprentices but I will be a little closer to the life I dream of next week. Or next month." If I can feel "So what?" - not an indifferent or disheartened "So what?" but a confident one - I know I am on the right track. It may be something else for you. Please find it. Gloria's suggestions will be a wonderful place to start from.

And as Jim says, keep in touch and let us know how things are going.

Life is a treasure trove... many gifts to give...and to receive. And sometimes it doesn't matter which happens first. I love thinking about God more and more and more. And more than is holding a sweet awareness that God lives in me and that I live in God. The walls that appeared to separate God and I are that when I think of me I think of God and when I think of God, I think of me. Is this arrogant? No...rather it is agave syrup but without the stickiness...just the nurturing nectar. Sometimes, I think God actually lives in me...animates this body...and peeks out through these eyes. But, you know, I just might be crazy. But if I am crazy, it is the most stable and healthy and fun crazy that I have ever experienced.

I am busy loving you today. Yes you...the reader of this. May this day and all your future days overflow with love. May you be love...If you truly want will happen more quickly and profoundly than you can imagine...and then a treasure trove will await you...always...loving you. Jim. (ps...Jimi is here too!)

Hi, Jim(i), good to hear

Hi, Jim(i), good to hear from you again (I once saw your name on the online users list some time ago).

And thank you so much,

July 13 is the correct date for this one!

Dear Gloria-
Thank you so much for this one- and it's not an accident that you put July 13 on it, since July 13th is my birthday and this one is a most beautiful early present! Much love, Faith

This sure makes me smile,

This sure makes me smile, dear Faith.

This could well be the real reason!

Happiest of Birthdays, dear one.

With love and blessings,


You silenced Me once again!

Dear God,

While translating this HL, You silenced my little ego once again.
Your nice and easy does it every time. I thank you!

I am grateful to you for

I am grateful to you for leading me to this Heavenletter again. Yes, it is humbling and sweetening.