Beckoned by the Sun

God said:

Expand and contract seem to be the rhythm of the world. Cold contracts and heat expands. And so go the seasons. Winter closes unto itself and spring bursts into bloom.

And so you, My children, also have your seasons, those in which you are active, and those in which you are less active. Each serves the other.

Could there be spring without winter?

Could you survive a life in which you were always scaling the mountaintop?

Is not taking life at a slow pace as much a part of life as going full steam ahead?

Be glad when you are on the crest of the wave, and be glad when you slide down and take a breath.

You cannot just exhale in life. You also have to inhale.

Give yourself a chance to gather your resources.

Before you can spend money, you have to have some in your pocket.

It is not that you have to ration your resources. It is just that you have to be aware that there are cycles. You are as much a part of nature as the trees are.

A flower isn't visible, and then it bursts into bloom, and then it fades and falls away. Autumn, winter, spring, and then summer stars again. And the stars twirl, and the Earth revolves around the sun.

You know by now that I am your Sun. And sometimes you rest, and sometimes you go further. It is not that you know restraint. It's just you know when to act and when to rest. Take your nods from Me.

Before you can slide downhill, you have to go uphill. One precedes the other. Who knows which comes first, and what does it matter? You already know you can't walk on just one foot. When one foot is up, another is down. Both are good and both deserve, if not equal time, then their own due. Both have their place of honor.

For the time being, you are a Human Being in a Human body. You are much more than that, and yet, for an undetermined time, you carry a body the way a turtle carries his shell. It serves him for a time, and your body serves you for a time. You use your body, and, as though it were a horse, you are required to give it food and drink and rest. Your horse may well take you places, and sometimes you may urge it to go faster, yet you can't urge it to go faster all the time. You are the driver of your horse, and yet you are not relentless, and you are not meant to drive your body further than it can go at one time.

Your body is not all-important, yet it is important. All in its time, beloveds.

You are on the ascendant now, yet that does not mean you don't stop to take a look around and to rest.

Avail yourself of the many treasures of the world. Walk by day and sleep by night. Give encouragement to that body of yours. Thank it for its years of faithful service.

Tomorrow the Sun will rise again, and you will arise to it, and you will be alert to serve the day. Beckoned by the Sun, you wake up. You prepare yourself for service in your rested body. You don't ask too much of your good servant, this body, the only one you have in this lifetime. This is the body to take care of now. The body serves you, and you serve it. Is that not a good arrangement?

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It's just you know when to

It's just you know when to act and when to rest. Take your nods from Me.

This morning as I was praying, I asked God to please release me from my swirling thoughts of anxiety and fear....realizing of course that I was not living in the moment and allowing the past to take control. I began to breathe...and listen to my breath...God's breath...and said, peace, love and harmony. I felt calm but then as I began the activity of the day, I lost that sense of peace and once again, as I so often do, Heaven Letters...and once again God, you know what is in my heart and what I so desperately needed to hear this morning...all I have to do to live my life is so incredibly simple....just take my nods from You...just listen to Your Voice...and to act out of act out of love instead of guilt, fear, obligation, being driven to do rather than just allowing myself to BE Your Child!
Thank You God for these loving, tender words...You are my wonderful Father and Mother and every day I need to sit at Your feet and be at Your Right Hand and hear the lessons for the day.
God bless you Gloria for creating this Heaven Space!

your body

your body loves you

it requires your love

if it is to survive

you carry a body the way a

you carry a body the way a turtle carries his shell.

God has talked about turtles before in Heaven Letters...and God just said to is okay if at times you want to pull your head into your shell and feel safe and protected. When I drive through a particular part of Boston, I have seen signs that say "Think Safety" and I even saw a construction worker wearing a T shirt that says, "Think Safety" And I was wondering what all of this with God of course...and if things get to be too much for me...God wants me to is part of the ebb and flow but at times it is hard for me to honor this need. Now I shall...and while I listen to Bernie's Meditation CD's...I want to focus more on the inner need to do this....rather than fighting myself and berating myself when things of the past rear their is such a blessing to be drawn back to a particular Heaven Letter and hear the message in a new way -- ebb and flow...
Bernie talks about water ...and he said that a wave doesn't say oh sh***t when it crashes upon the sand or feel stuck if a rock is in its just flows...and so I shall flow my self to rest and breathe peace as the day draws to a close.
Bless you all...and thank you for allowing me to share what is in my heart!