physical health

Joy to the World

God said:

You take your health as an indictment of you. You take it as a label. You take it as you take your dress size. You take it as a stamp upon you. You take it as an indicator of you.

If you have illness, you might as well take it as a language.

Take it as a door you are opening.

Take it as a metaphor.

What does it allude to?

Look to the language of illness.

Your body has a cold. Your body has a fever. Your body has something to be cut out. Your body has something to be added.

Look to the language of life.

There is nothing in Human life that cannot be a story told to you.

To Your Health

God said:

Say farewell to fatigue. Fatigue is a burden you have been carrying. You no longer have to carry it. I speak of the fatigue that doesn't leave or comes back for no good reason at all. Honest fatigue is one thing. Fatigue for no good reason is another. By all means be rested, but it is not necessary to rest before everything else.

Beckoned by the Sun

God said:

Expand and contract seem to be the rhythm of the world. Cold contracts and heat expands. And so go the seasons. Winter closes unto itself and spring bursts into bloom.

And so you, My children, also have your seasons, those in which you are active, and those in which you are less active. Each serves the other.

Could there be spring without winter?

Could you survive a life in which you were always scaling the mountaintop?

Is not taking life at a slow pace as much a part of life as going full steam ahead?

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