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Planet Earth Is like a Playground

God said:

Life is lived in raindrops. So many fall at once. Where do raindrops come from and where do they go? Rain may be unforeseen, and then suddenly rain is here. And then just as suddenly, the rain is gone and not even a wet spot left.

Your Etheric Spine

God said:

If there were no mirrors, how much time would you save? How much grief?

You were made in My image, not in the image a mirror makes of you.

Consider how your life would be different if there were no mirrors. Mirrors heighten your belief in the physical. Without mirrors, you would have less awareness of the body and more awareness of the you who emanates through your body. You would have more attention on your voice and Mine. You would have more attention on the who is thinking rather than on particular thoughts. There would be more silence and more wisdom.


God said:

Every day a child is born. Every day there is rejoicing. Giving birth is great cause for rejoicing. It proves that even the physical body is an instrument of God's Will. The arrival of a new baby gives you a great inkling of the spiritual realms. You know the baby is more than its physicality, and you know that your baby is fresh from a Godly realm. You know it is a child of God you hold in your arms, and you feel a great surging of love in your heart, and you know you are blessed with the love of God and a fruitful life.

The Bell of Your Heart

God said:

Your body houses you but you do not own it. Nor does the body own you unless you build an altar to it. If your body is foremost in your mind, then you have given your allegiance to it. You have made it the master and you the servant. When the perfection of the physical is the basis for love, the physical owns you.

Let attraction for another be more than the shape of their limbs. Hone your eyes to the sustenance of the beauty that lasts. Let two souls touch, and then the body follow. Let there be love more than usage.

Space Traveler

God said:

My eyes have never strayed from you, not even for a moment. All the while you sleep, My eyes have been on you. My love and attention renew you, heart and soul and body, too. Even when your eyes are closed, My messages are sent.

Trees do not stop receiving My love at night. They rest, but they are not absent from Me any more than you are. My love has no night or day. That is how My love is always yours.

What You Are Left With

God said:

Making comparisons is tenuous. Making comparisons either lifts you up or puts you down, and so you put yourself at dis-ease. How do the cells of your body know what to think when you don't? One day you are wonderful and better than everyone else, and the next day you are deflated and can hardly lift your head.

When you inflate yourself, the cells of the body follow. When you negate yourself, the cells of your body also follow. What can they do but follow your thought?

Oneness Supreme

God said:

The most you are guilty of is being in a physical body on Earth. If you were not in your body, you would make vaster choices. Your splendor would not be inhibited. Your glory would shine. But how can you be guilty of what is, no more nor less, than a short-term jaunt on the Planet Earth? How can you be guilty for having made a gallant choice, a privileged choice, to participate in life on Earth for a little while?

If you were not in a body, you would know the realm you live in. There would be no boundaries. All would be seen for what it is.

Physical Bodies

God said:

Do not think that bodies are something to put up with, yours or others. I know that sometimes bodies get in your way. I know that many of My children have gleaned in a myriad of ways that bodies are not good, and that you would be better off without them.

It is true that bodies are physical, and they are the least of you, but that does not mean they are not due respect.

You are in a body today for a reason, or you would not be in it.

Be kind to this body that houses you. In terms of the eternal, your body is irrelevant. But while you are in it, it has merit.

To Your Health

God said:

Say farewell to fatigue. Fatigue is a burden you have been carrying. You no longer have to carry it. I speak of the fatigue that doesn't leave or comes back for no good reason at all. Honest fatigue is one thing. Fatigue for no good reason is another. By all means be rested, but it is not necessary to rest before everything else.

Beckoned by the Sun

God said:

Expand and contract seem to be the rhythm of the world. Cold contracts and heat expands. And so go the seasons. Winter closes unto itself and spring bursts into bloom.

And so you, My children, also have your seasons, those in which you are active, and those in which you are less active. Each serves the other.

Could there be spring without winter?

Could you survive a life in which you were always scaling the mountaintop?

Is not taking life at a slow pace as much a part of life as going full steam ahead?

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