The Rays of the Moon

God said:

I have told you not to take things personally because it is your ego that makes things personal. It is your ego that singles you out. But now I will tell you that there are some things that are personal to you.

The rays of the moon enter your bedroom at night. They are meant personally for you.

The Sun's rays fall on you during the day.

Breezes blow on you.

These are personally for you.

Awareness of this personalness does not address your ego. It addresses truth. The love of the universe is precisely for you.

It is not ego to think that the tides pull you. The tides pull you, and you pull the tides to you.

It is not ego to think that the universe is for you. When you know that the universe is for you, then you know the reciprocation between you and the universe. You are for the universe. You match each other. You are a balancing act.

It is not ego to know that the sun shines on you, that the moon's rays personally enter your heart, and that air is yours. Through these, God tips His hat to you. All of these and many more are signals to your heart from the heart of the universe.

You are a juggler of the Moon and the Sun.

You soak up their rays.

Their rays permeate you. You embody them. You are the Moon, and you are the Sun.

Whose are they if not yours? They are only a few of My gifts to you.

If I can give you the Sun and the Moon and make them yours, then what can I not give you?

When the rays of the Moon walked into your bedroom tonight through your window, they awoke you to their personalness for you. They knocked, so to speak, and said, "Your Moon is here for you", just the way a cabbie might announce, "Your cab is here".

Like you, the rays of the Moon want to be noticed. They want you to know them and know their giftedness to you. For the Sun and the Moon, they are My messengers to you. Their message is: "God loves." Their message is: "God loves you."

And now you signal that the message is received and accepted, and that you know the meaning and wonderfulness of the message you received and accepted and you give thanks for it in your acceptance.

You have always received it, but you haven't always noticed it. Why is that?

Your ego fools you that you want to be the center of the world's attention but not God's. Ego makes you afraid of what you would have to give God in return for His attention, that you would have to give Him your personal identity as a token, and that then you would vanish from your own recognition.

It is true that you won't recognize yourself when you accept My love for you. In that reciprocal moment of lighting up, you know My light and your light so well and so intimately that you are out of yourself or finally into yourself, and your previous false identity means nothing at all to you. You don't even know why you ever had to have it or what it was or what you even thought it was.

When you step over, you have stepped over.

When you have come to Me, you have come to Me. And that is sufficient. You are sufficient unto yourself.

Tonight the Moon woke you with an important message from Me to you. Remember that message during the day. The Moon follows you no less by day. The rays of God's messengers are established within you, and you also shine those same rays whether you know it or not. But it is good to know it. It is good to know your affluence.

Whose are you if not Mine?