The Song We Sing and the Dance We Dance

God said:

If you had a stocking as big as a house to hang over your fireplace, it still would not be big enough for all the good that is on its way to you and that you deserve.

You know, of course, that I speak of more than the material in your life. In this case, I speak of filling up your heart.

I fill up the world with all manner of golden benefits, and there is room for more and more. You may not have reached in your hand deeply enough. There is more than you thought. Much more.

Right now, you could write a list of all your desires. That is a good idea.

You could also write a list of all that you have already been given. You have long lists to write, beloveds.

You are alive on Earth. You have a body that works to whatever degree it does. And you have heart and mind. If you're lucky, you're part of a happy family and work that feeds your soul as well as your pocketbook. There is a sun that beams on you. There is color and contrast. There are wise stars that sparkle at you. There is a cool moon watching over you. Think of the synchronicities here. And you fit in. You have your place in the firmament. You have your place in the whole rationale of life on Earth and life in Heaven. Your place is beyond all the knowledge that you have absorbed. And, yet, as you whirl in place, you spring from My heart. The song We sing and the dance We dance are so marvelous and so in tune.

No matter how many boons you have already been granted, there are thousands more on their way to you. They have already been sent. Get ready. Open your heart wide. You open your mouth wide for the dentist. Now you open your heart wide for Me.

And We shall see what We shall see. And we shall be given whatever We are given.

Be aware you have come to the Land of Plenty. You may have thought you were somewhere else. Mistakes are made. No matter, open your heart wide and let Me in. Do not think I am pushy, yet let Me take over. I say this the way, when you have been working hard, someone comes over to you and says, "Let me do that. Let me take over for a while. Catch your breath. Sit down and watch me. I'll take care of everything for you. Put your feet up and relax."

Beloveds, you have well-accepted the gift of running that I give to you. Now I offer you the gift of true relaxation. This is a great gift I will put in your stocking. It means We share the load of life. It means there is no burden you carry alone. It means that We are attuned just the way that rowers in a race row their boat in synchrony. If a rower rowed the scull alone, the task would be too difficult. When the rowers row as one, it's easy.

Let us row the boat of life as One. I will row right along with you. Yes, I do call out the beat, and I also row right along with you. It is easy for Me. It is My joy. And you do not always have to row. You can lean back and look at the stars at night and lean back and look at beautiful white clouds moving along by day.

Tell Me, beloveds, what is there that We cannot do as We row in tandem or lean back in tandem?

Yes, find Me in your stocking this Christmas season. Take Me out. Put Me in your heart, and know I am there, am here, am everywhere. I weigh nothing and I carry everything. I carry you, beloveds. I carry you. All is well. Lean back.

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The Song We Sing with God

For some sweet reason, the True Devotion of God comes across, comes alive so purely, so wondrously in this Heavenly Christmas Letter from our God Creator! I particularly fell in


3 Heavenletter Haikus for

3 Heavenletter Haikus for you

Hello Friends,

God said you deserve
The good that is on its way
This Christmas season

God said I Am there
Yes find Me in your stocking
Filling up your heart

God said all is well
Beloveds I carry you
And it is My joy

Love, Light and Aloha!

Put Me in your heart, and

Put Me in your heart, and know I am there, am here, am everywhere.

நெஞ்சில் இறையெனை இடுவாய் அங்குமிங்
கெங்கும் உளவெனை அறிவாய்