Seeds of Wonderfulness

God said:

May every night be a holiday Eve. Why not look forward with excitement to every next day? Why not be the little child who goes to sleep with pictures of sugar plums dancing before him?

What would you most like to wake up to tomorrow? What is your agenda for tomorrow? What is your agenda for the first thing tomorrow?

It could be that how you wake up is your prescription for the day. I wonder. If you should leap out of bed tomorrow with a great sense of expectation, might that set the course for your day? Try it. Goodness knows, you have had enough of waking up unspiritedly, perhaps even grumblingly, crossly, even wanting to go back to sleep and not get up until later, or perhaps not at all. May I suggest that tomorrow morning you prime yourself into wanting to wake up? Will you try that? Let me ask you, if you knew that tomorrow morning early you would discover that you had won the lottery big time, how much energy would you have to bounce out of bed? Where would reluctance have gone then?

What would you like to find out tomorrow? What joy could you wake up to when you give half your mind to it?

Perhaps even the morning sunshine could be enough. Or even the rain. Maybe it would even be nice to wake up to your usual routine. First you get up and bathe and make the bed. Then you make breakfast and do the dishes. Are you not then ready for something extra wonderful to greet you? Of course, it's possible, yes, indeed, it is possible that nothing would elate you during the day. Well then, if nothing exceptionally remarkable occurs, how about being elated about the day's normalcy? How about even being grateful for that kind of day?

How about being glad to go to bed at night and the blessing of sleeping well? This alone could make your next day worthwhile and splendid.

What if, as you close your eyes and fall asleep, you plant a few thoughts for the next day? How many wonders might you conjure for the next day? How many seeds of good fortune then might you give a start to? Never mind counting. Just plant the seeds. Plant them deep. You have no way of knowing how long it will take these thoughts of yours to sprout. Seeds have their own timetable. They know when. You don't have to know. Be happy to plant them and let them sprout on their own. Be happy you give nature a chance to do its thing. Without you, what chance do you give your garden? Unless you plant seeds of wonderfulness, what are the odds that they will grow at all? If you are a betting man, you know which way to bet.

What saplings do you want to see in your front yard tomorrow? Or next season? For the present, you can enjoy them in your mind. This is more than daydreaming, beloveds. It is simply dropping a seed into the ground. Then you don't have to think about it so much. You did your part. Certainly, you can send loving thoughts, and yet not be attached.

Seeds in your yard grow without effort. You don't have to coach them. You don't have to tell them how. You don't have to tell them to hurry. You don't have to be disappointed if what you planted does not appear tomorrow, for you trust that nature knows how to make seeds grow. You are not the grower. You are the sower, that's what you are. It is good enough to be the sower. First you sow, and then you reap. It is inevitable. It's also true that other seeds will also be blown into your garden, and so you do not always know what is growing. You can know that silently, steadily, behind the scenes, growing is taking place. Go to sleep with that thought in your mind, and see what you wake up to tomorrow.

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So true! I was delighted to

So true! I was delighted to find a lemon basil plant growing amongst the baby tomato and chili plants. I have no idea how the basil plant appeared!

Life is really like gardening. As we explore the garden of life, we know that our deepest desire is to meet the Gardener.

One Love

"The apple holds the seed of

"The apple holds the seed of itself" ~
and the garden and the gardener are One and the same, are they not! :)

"our deepest desire is to meet the Gardener." ~

So true Santhan ~ our deepest desire is to meet our Self!

Love you!

Mary :)

3 Heavenletter Haikus for

3 Heavenletter Haikus for you

Hello Friends,

God said prime yourself
Set your course for goodness knows
Are you not ready

God says I wonder
What wonders you might conjure
With that loving thought

God said make your day
How about being grateful
For wonderfulness

Love, Light and Aloha!