Give to God

God said:

You put a lot of attention on gifts to buy for others, something that will make them happy. Indeed, gifts are tokens, and tokens are a substitute for something else. They carry a value attributed to them. The wonderful thing is that you want to give happiness to someone somewhere, and you purchase an emblem of your affection, which We hope is true but may be otherwise.

Today perhaps you will think about Me, and what gift from you that I would like. What is it that you could give to Me, or pledge to Me from your true heart?

At first you think there is nothing, for I do not ask for altars or buildings or salutes or tributes or poetry, though you may wish to express your devotion in some way like that.

What can you offer Me that would add to My happiness? There are no words to translate what I mean by that, because My happiness is complete, so then what could give Me added happiness? What can give Me more joy than fullness of joy?

Perhaps you will think that it is My giving to you. It certainly is My joy to give to you, but it is never My need, for I have already given you all there is to give. My gifts are mighty. The mountains, the seas, the horizons, the seasons, the lanterns in the sky called stars, sun, and moon, and galaxies that wrap themselves around your heart.

What gift can you give Me?

I know you would like to.

I will tell you what I would like from you today. It is honesty. Honesty takes away barriers, and I want no barriers between Us. Of course, there can be no barriers, but you can put them up as shades and think they are real. Today remove barriers for My sake. You might call them fences. Or oblique ideas.

The gift you can give Me today is acknowledgement of My role in your life. That is awareness of Me, and that is awareness of you. Many times I have rescued you, solved problems for you, and you do not know. You are not aware. Today you can be aware that I sweeten your life.

You leave milk and cookies for Santa Claus.

Leave Me a recognition from your eyes.

A glance.

Not backward.

Not forward.

But a straight-across glance.

An exchange of lightedness.

A quiet greeting.

An unvoiced hello.

Some sign of welcome.

For you do not know what you give when you give Me your recognition, your little notice of Me. A small regard. A note that I exist, and that I exist for you. A little sign that you include Me along with all else that you include in your life. Do not occlude Me.

I am that Truth I mentioned. Truth is innocent, and so I ask for your innocence.

I ask that you look for Me as you look for the morning sun. Have the knowledge that I am here.

Innocence is not unaware. Innocence is great awareness.

Look to your children, for they are your teachers.

Emulate them.

What a gift is a dandelion from a child who picks it for you!

Pick a dandelion for a child.

Pick out a twig or a pebble.

Point to a bird. Point to the shifting sun on a leaf.

You will be pointing to Me.

Point to moonlight, for it points to you.

Immutable light of God wants to light you.

Be lit.

That is your gift to Me.

It is a response.

It is a signal back to Me.

And it signals to others of My existence.

Invite Me to reign on earth as your Beloved.

Then you know Truth.

Then you are My amulet.

Then you are a jewel on earth, for jewels reflect the light that made them.

The sea reflects.

All is reflection.

And you reflect Me back to Myself.

No energy is lost.

It is all gain.

Restore Me to you.

That is what I ask of you today.