God's Mission

God said:

Will you lean your life into Mine?

Will you lean on the Cruiser of Life?

I long for you to lean on Me.

Leaning on Me is great freedom.

It means you let go.

You let go of your hold on what is holdless, and let the Holder of All hold you.

Let's cruise through life.

That means, no hurry. That means ease. That means seeing the sights. That means enjoying the sights. But it does not mean getting involved because involved means putting stakes down. Involved means an investment. And an investment always predicts something and therefore is predicated on something.

Enjoying is without predeliction. Enjoying is with Me.

It is sailing a ship. I am at the wheel, but you chart the course. I take you on all your little excursions, but I always keep your true destination marked. One day you will say, "Let's do it! Let's go! Let's go, God!" And then We go straight and firm, plowing through the seas without a glance back, sailing over the froth, heading straight on Our course which We, of course, were always on.

Now you know it.

And what a difference your awareness is!

Without control, you set your course.

Without control, you allow Me.

You have always been going in this direction We go in.

You had little pretenses in between but now you go on a charted chartless course, and We are full steam ahead.

You can refer to Our destination as the heights of Heaven or the depths of the sea or the spread of a rainbow, for the sea, Heaven, and rainbow meet in an exquisite joining.

We leave quite a swath behind Us, and others follow in Our swath. Pretty soon there is a union of all the willing ships that sail with Us.

And, suddenly, it matters not where We sail. It matters that We sail. It matters that We sail together.

You discover there is no destination. That was metaphor. You and I were destined long ago. It was Our destiny to meet. It was Our destiny to sail on this destinationless journey.

Our destination was to meet and to sail together.

That is what We do.

That is what We have always done.

That is the one thing that stays the same.

We travel together, and that makes all the difference.

We glide on skates.

We ride a sleigh.

We fly on eagle's wings.

We course through the universe, touching, but barely touching, and Our union is complete.

We dip Our wings, and the earth is touched.

We touch with impulses.

We are beyond the physical.

The physical seems like awkward machinery.

Our enterprise is seamless, smooth-flowing, and dynamic.

Did you know that We are in business together? We have formed a partnership, or corporation, and Our mission is to cover the universe and let Our majesty be known.

All who are related to Me are royal. And all are related to Me. All are intimately related to Me and are intimate to My every thought or glance or impulse of love.

This is My mission. To be known. For Our relationship to be known. Our relationship is One with all, One with all on earth and One with all elsewhere than on earth. One and One equals One.

You hold an office in My court.

When I say you, I mean you. I mean all whose eyes follow these marks on paper or the screen or whose ears hear the tone of My voice.

It is you I have appointed. Not someone else. I look squarely at you. Do not look away. Your eyes can meet Mine. Your eyes of love can meet My eyes of love and become one pair of eyes looking in and looking out. See what I see. Gaze upon what I gaze upon. Have My vision. It is yours. I have given it to you. I gave it to you long ago. Now do you see?

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for you

...and especially for Jochen, who likes "leaning".

"Let's do it! Let's go! Let's go, God!"

Now here's someone who might appreciate the funny little test I designed without meaning to. Goes like this: If you don't really believe in what you're trying to lean on or into or toward, you'll topple over. This works the other way round as well: If you topple.....
I think I'm learning trust quite nicely this way. The bruises feel worth it (except when they are fresh).

About the hold on what is holdless and "involvement", "stakes", "investment" etc. there is a lot in the Heavenletters following this one. I read them up to #120 over the last several days, the absolute center being #105 for me, and it seems to me I'm finally, finally hearing what's being said there and here. Let's go, God.

You and I were destined long

You and I were destined long ago. It was Our destiny to meet. It was Our destiny to sail on this destinationless journey.

All that matters is that we travel in Your awareness, every minute, every heartbeart of love for You.

My Dear Father.. I am

My Dear Father..

I am speechless for the LOVE I feel through these words.. I AM ON..... LETS GO GOD... LETS GO TOGETHER WITH FULL AWARENESS..