Life in the Universe

God said:

You are a champion of the Universe. You are a supporter of it, and you cheer it on. You are a sponsor. Life in the Universe is a kind of group sport, beloveds, only, when all is said and done, there is One Team, and there is no other team to play with or against. There is One Team in the whole Universe, and you are on it.

No one is on the sidelines. No one. Even if you hide in a corner, you are on the field. You are a player. How you play is up to you. It is not up to anyone else.

You Are a God Being

God said:

In line with your being authentic, I would like to suggest that you stop apologizing for how you think and how you live and all that. You are a God Being who comes from strength. Not bravado, beloveds, but simple strength. When you think about it, why should you be timid about who you are and how you feel? Being you is the best thing you can be. You are not here to playact.

In the Midst of Chaos

God said:

Peace is already yours. In the midst of chaos, peace is still yours. It belongs to you.

If there were no need for argument, peace would reign in its full splendor. Argument drowns out the silence of peace.

Why is there need for argument? There is even argument made in My Name! I have no sides. There are no sides of Me to take. There are no two ways about Me.

Naked Truth

God said:

When you talk to Me, really talk to Me, your ego walks away. That is one of the beauties of talking to Me. You are not able to load yourself up with pretense when you appear before Me.

Your subterfuges leave, and there is you, and there is I, and We restate your life. We restate your take on life.

Naked were you born, and naked will you leave. Naked here does not mean unclothed. It means true, honest, real, unpretentious. You, without all the ruffles you have put around yourself, you, in your being.

Heart and Soul

God said:

The pain in your heart is your heart's knowing that it has cheated itself. Pain in your heart is your heart's knowing that you are meant for more than you have allowed. Even your ego knows that you are far more than you have pretended to be.

A disguise is not comfortable, or not comfortable for long.

If you were your plain self, you would be lighthearted.

You think you have to be a certain way, and you think others do too, and so a cycle revolves.

The Stillness of You

God said:

When I tell you to keep looking up, I am telling you to be in the present. I am not telling you to look away. I am telling you to see Truth. What you have been embroiled in is not truth. It is deception. You have deceived yourself.

You have pretended to believe in what is not true. Somewhere along the line, you knew it. You knew there was else. You knew that that which appeared right before you was not all that life on Earth offers. It couldn't be. If that were all, Human life would be pointless.

There is much meaning to you.

Give to God

God said:

You put a lot of attention on gifts to buy for others, something that will make them happy. Indeed, gifts are tokens, and tokens are a substitute for something else. They carry a value attributed to them. The wonderful thing is that you want to give happiness to someone somewhere, and you purchase an emblem of your affection, which We hope is true but may be otherwise.

Today perhaps you will think about Me, and what gift from you that I would like. What is it that you could give to Me, or pledge to Me from your true heart?

The Land of Truth

God said:

Yes, you are a showman unparalleled. You have your part down to perfection. You have stayed within the white lines perfectly. You have been a splendid fraud, perfect actually.

But now you have found out what an actor you are, and now you end the masquerade. You don’t tiptoe over the white lines you had laid out in chalk and perceived as borders as strong as an iron fence. No, now you fly over all the charlatan boundaries. You no longer see them nor give thought to them. You don’t give them two cents.

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