The Stillness of You

God said:

When I tell you to keep looking up, I am telling you to be in the present. I am not telling you to look away. I am telling you to see Truth. What you have been embroiled in is not truth. It is deception. You have deceived yourself.

You have pretended to believe in what is not true. Somewhere along the line, you knew it. You knew there was else. You knew that that which appeared right before you was not all that life on Earth offers. It couldn't be. If that were all, Human life would be pointless.

There is much meaning to you.

I will tell you what gives you courage. Devotion, a form of love energy, gives you courage. What courage you have when it comes to your baby! What courage love brings!

And what is courage? It is another name for honesty.

Stop thinking that you are to become great. You are not looking for your greatness. You are looking to express Mine. When you express My Greatness, you are out of your ego because ego can only express smallness. Smallness is too confining for you. Your nature is greatness. You are not happy when you are focused on your individuality and what it has or does not have. You who have everything do not need to look for gain.

Most of what you have sought is too small for you. You outgrew many of your desires long ago. How much meaning does all you have wanted hold for you now? You haven't known what there could be to take its place. There is a vast empire to take its place, and it is already yours because I have given it to you. It is in your genes. It was planted in you before you were born.

You are the fruit of God. You are not a termagant on earth. You are an honoree. You have no other source but Me. You cannot make yourself, for I made you in the image of My heart and My love. Physical form does not reveal My image. Your eyes do. My light in you does. I replicated Myself on earth, and you have believed in the form more than the divinity.

When I look at My creation, I am amazed that you do not always see the glory of it. Your mind has been on the manifestation of little things. There is a Stillness that created you. When you get out of events of time, you feel the eternalness of you as you sit there at your computer. That eternalness you feel is I. That is Who you are. For a moment, you lose that old picture of yourself, and come to know yourself in your grandness of eternity.

Living in the moment is not what you have thought. There is no moment. There is only eternity. You are not a moment in space. You are eternity placed in a body on bigger body called Earth. You are a part of something big. You are not even a part of it: you are It. There are no parts. There is only All. You are the vastness that I am. And nothing less than that will content you.

This that I am telling you is not something you have to educate yourself to. You do not have to learn it. You have to get away from all the false ropes you have learned here and there and held on to. They are false because they do not take you anywhere, unless you call away from yourself as somewhere. But, of course, space does not exist any more than time does. There is no place for you to go or to be away from. You just have to rise to the essence of you that lies in all.