Heart and Soul

God said:

The pain in your heart is your heart's knowing that it has cheated itself. Pain in your heart is your heart's knowing that you are meant for more than you have allowed. Even your ego knows that you are far more than you have pretended to be.

A disguise is not comfortable, or not comfortable for long.

If you were your plain self, you would be lighthearted.

You think you have to be a certain way, and you think others do too, and so a cycle revolves.

When you are riding on a bike path that is not comfortable for you, it is not momentous for you to take another path. When the road you have chosen to go on seems to be a drawback, you simply leave it. You take another turn.

You have to let go of something in order to take another turn. You cannot hold on to one path and go on another.

You wonder how you can choose and be letting go at the same time. You have to let go of something in order to make a choice other than the one you have made. Perhaps you thought the road you were on was faster, or sweeter, or it seemed the road everyone was taking, and you hesitated to go off from the beaten path. Perhaps you have to let go of hesitation. Most assuredly, you have fear to let go of. There is something you have to let go of.

And there is something you will want to get a hold of, and that is your Creator Who stands before you. My eyes rest on you, and I bet on you that you will fulfill My vision.

You are a visionary because you are My vision. Whose vast vision can you have if not Mine? Avail yourself of Mine. Believe in Me a little bit.

A little bit will take you far.

You know how much a kind word from another has changed you. You know how it made your shoulders go back and your blood flow. A single phrase surged through your heart and lifted your head higher.

Perhaps a teacher acknowledged you.

Perhaps someone looked into your eyes, and saw something that you had not dared look at, and so you looked away. If you see less than My greatness within you, you have looked away. You have had a blind spot that obscured your vision, and you have held on to that blind spot.

When someone's soul touches you, when your souls reach one another, something happens. At the moment of meeting, something has transpired. It has already transpired or you would not have seen one another in this new light. Each of you has lifted to a higher plane. A higher plane is only a higher plan that has come into your view.

A flicker of truth has been acknowledged.

If you recognized your heart in another often, you would often be in Truth. If you recognized another always, you would always be in Truth. Then you would be Christ.

Christ saw the Truth. When he looked at a leper, he saw Truth. When he looked at his executioners, he also saw Truth. Less could have been seen, but he could not.

You can see beyond the obvious. The obvious is nothing at all. What lies beyond the obvious is everything. You know by now that it is essential to see in a new light.

Life offers you what you see. If you keep seeing what you have always seen, you will see what you have always seen. Slip out of your past vision. Just a little more light, and you will see. Today you will see past the physical and into a flame of light I keep glowing in your heart. It is your own heart in another you will see, or your own soul, and along with it, your knowledge of your way to Me.

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1 Heavenletter Haiku for you

Hello Friends,

God said you will see
Life offers you what you see
See your way to Me

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