In the Midst of Chaos

God said:

Peace is already yours. In the midst of chaos, peace is still yours. It belongs to you.

If there were no need for argument, peace would reign in its full splendor. Argument drowns out the silence of peace.

Why is there need for argument? There is even argument made in My Name! I have no sides. There are no sides of Me to take. There are no two ways about Me.

Foolish children, you fight over a piece of cake! You fight over where a foot steps. It seems there is nothing you cannot find a way to fight over. You can be sure that fighting is not My Will. Then it must be yours, your little will whipped over the universe into a tiny squall.

Desist from arguments. Stay with what is yours and leave with it. Peace is yours. It belongs to you. Do not give it away.

Discussing is one thing. Arguments another. With arguments, something is at stake. Disagreement turns into an argument. From a difference of opinion, an argument arises, as if an argument has a life of its own. But it does not.

You coax argument along, or you draw it out of your pocket like a revolver. Somewhere along the line, you didn't stop soon enough. Step out of the flame of argument. If there were a fire, you would put it out. You wouldn't say it was up to someone else to put it out first. You wouldn't lie down in the fire and be burned either. It is not for you to give in, or someone else to give in. It is to be clear what the argument is about, and then it is no longer an argument. The fire is out.

Arguments start from false premises. Find out what the false premise is. What is your dispute about? Arguments are over something, but usually over something else. Reduce an argument to its simplest ridiculousness, and the argument is resolved. It is at least resolved within you, for you come to realize what the meat of the argument is. All the verbiage isn't necessary. All that is necessary is to know what it's about. What are you arguing about?

In truth, in all arguments, you are arguing with yourself because you are not clear and you want to get clear. Maybe you don't need to convince someone else. Maybe it is yourself who needs convincing. Maybe you don't need to know where someone else is coming from. Maybe you need to know where you are coming from. Where is there room left over for fuss then? Where is the strain?

What is agreement but clarity?

Know where you are coming from.

Peace and harmony seem to simply fall into place. But what really happens is that disturbance leaves, and peace and joy and harmony are where they always were. Like love, they were always here untouched.

Feel the sweetness of harmony. Harmony comes from honesty, not pretense. Harmony is only harmonious when it is honest.

If you need to improve in anything, it is in honesty. Harmony will evidence itself when honesty clears the air.

Honestly, today is a beautiful day. Where is there place for dissonance in such a beautiful day? Birds sing. Leaves fall. The sun shines, and you are in My arms. Do not wriggle away. Stay here with Me for a while where all murmurs disperse, fragments become whole, wounds heal, where there are no wounds, where there is nothing in the world to be dismayed about, where peace, joy, love, and harmony reverberate.