God Created Human Beings

God said:

The more you are in tune with Me, the more you like yourself. Do not turn away from yourself in order to worship Me. I think you are something. If you wish to be aligned with My thought, the idea of your worth is something you have to get used to.

Where did you get the idea that it was noble to think less of yourself than I do?

From this day forward, know who you are.

Confidence means I have confided in you, and that you remember that which I have told you.

I sing a song of your worth, and you drum it out.

True humility knows its worth and does not have to denigrate itself.

Whereas I am the Maker of you, and it is I you extol, you do not yet erase your value.

We are talking now about the difference between ego and sense of self-worth.

Be done with the whole issue. Accept your worthiness. You must take yourself along with Me. You cannot come with Me and leave the truth of you behind. Ego is only a whisper of you. It has nothing to do with you. But your worth has everything to do with you and with Me.

If you consider yourself worthless, what then do you make of Me Who created you? If you think you are worthless or not worth much, then you must also think I Who created you am not worth much either.

Either I am a Great Creator, or I am not. You cannot have Me All-Powerful and yet faulty in My works. If you see the Human beingness that I have created as inadequate, then you must also be seeing Me as inadequate.

I would not create a lesser creature than what I am capable of. If you think I have created any Human being or any thing as a waste of My time, either your perception or My creation is lacking. We cannot both be right.

But I do know what I have created, and you do not yet fully know. Your perception is lacking. Sometimes you have missed the whole point.

Whatever your situation, whatever you think about yourself, now you will start to think anew. The old thinking has not held you in good stead. You even thought it was better really to think less of yourself than to think more. And how you looked at yourself was how you looked at others. Now it is time for you to wake up.

Maybe the dawning of enlightenment is the recognition of your possibilities. What you are capable of goes far beyond some little picture you have carried around.

In order to become enlightened, you must have a lighted-up picture of yourself. Enlightenment is coming out of the darkness. If you had never put yourself there, you would already be enlightened. But I am enlightening you. I am enlightening you right now.

Step up into the light I shine on you. That is enlightenment. Allow yourself the light I shine on you. My light is for you, and it is yours.

Making more of yourself is not aggrandizement. The more sense of self-worth you have, the less ego will you need to display. You have to find yourself in order to forget yourself.

Come into My greatness, for it is yours.

You are My worthwhile creation.

To you I gave the jurisdiction of My other created beings, animate and inanimate. A good juror does not berate himself. He nourishes himself and others. Stop crawling. Stop swaggering. Just stand up and be as I created you in the Reality of Myself. Lift your heart to greater heights, and you will have uplifted My heart and My creation. My creation needs upliftment only because it has not recognized itself. All you have to do is to see.