Everyone Has His Own Star

God said:

Do not assume that other hearts are where your heart is. Do not assume that other hearts should be where yours is either.

Allow others' hearts to be where they are. You long for others' hearts to be where yours is, to advance like yours, but other people may be thinking the same thing about you, or they may think you are ahead of yourself. You think they need to catch up to you, and they likely think otherwise.

Allow hearts to be where they are. Each heart has its own path. Even if someone's ego interferes with their heart, you have to let it be. You are not a changer of others' egos. You are not a swordsman of others' egos. You are not a knight of egos. True, you are a knight in My court, but you are one who blesses with a spear of My love.

When you see someone being less than what you desire them to be, love them anyway. Allow them to find their own way.

I tell you time and time again not to try to live up to others' ideas of you, what they think you should be, what they want of you.

Now I remind you not to expect of others. Even if you are right. You will always think you are, but your task now is to learn allowance for other people's (what you see as) failings. Allowance is giving them room to be. It is hard on others when you want them to be where they are not yet. It makes them think something is wrong with them instead of right with them, and their hearts fall.

Love them today for being where they are, and you are freeing them to grow. People are stubborn, and you must not be. Stubborn is holding on, and you are in the process of learning to let go. So today let go of your attachment to what you think other people ought to be. You will never win anyway.

Lose the whole concept of being right, and you loose the concept of winning. Winning makes you not a leader. It makes you an opponent. Do not be opposed to others' learning their way.

You do not always know what is another's chosen destiny, and when your helping may be preventing.

Do not prevent another's choices. Their choices may not be the ones you would make, but it was not you who was asked to make them.

It is easy for you to let a rose be a rose or a daisy a daisy. It is hard for you to let a Human being be what he is at a given moment.

Humans are multi-dimensional. And what someone appears to be this moment is not the sum total of them. A piece of them today is only a piece. Another moment reveals another piece. You do not know the whole story. You cannot tell a book by its cover. Nor can you from one page.

You do not really know what heroes are made of. You may think you do, but you do not know another's mettle by what you see. And others have surprised you, both up and down. You may be surprised by the presence of glory in a cad or an idler and disappointed by someone you thought great.

All you have of other people is your impression, and your impression is your interpretation. Better to not interpret. That is your sorting intellect at work. Better to be a benevolent observer, one who looks with quiet allowance, a space-giver. It is good to give space.

One brother faults another for giving away too much of himself, and the other faults the other for not giving enough. Whose standard is infallible? Whose standard can be just?

Be a gentle allower in life. Everyone has his own star to follow, and you are not it.

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