The Source

God said:

Today We talk about energy, the upsurging of it and the dissipation of it. I will tell you what energy is: it is the stirring of love.

What you love you have energy for.

Energy comes from where your heart is.

Where your heart is not, energy flags.

Energy is not the big thing. Love is.

When you know that all you do, you do for love of Me, your energy will be constant. Even in sleep, love will be emanating from you.

Love is light. And what is energy but lightness, smooth flow, exhilaration. What is lack of energy but heaviness, drag, and frustration? Lack of energy is love dormant or chopped.

You have thought of energy as belonging to the body, and you take a pill for it and urge your body along. But the source of your energy is love, and there is no pill for it. There is a Source, however.

When you are discouraged, you are disheartened, and that flattens energy. Energy lights you up, and it comes from your heart, the receiver of My love. I do not send energy to your physicalness. I send it to your heart, to your heart of hearts. The energy I send you is My love. My love is your incentive, whether you know it or not.

Although you can ask Me for anything, it is shortsighted to ask Me only for energy, which is a manifestation of love. It is better to ask that you feel the nourishment of My love. Or better yet to ask that your heart be open in love to Mine so that love can flow easily between Us.

When your heart is right with Me, the energy field between Us is perpetual.

The energy We are talking about can be silent. It does not have to be hand-waving or voiced. It is there, ready when called on. It does not always have to be used in outer action. Energy does not always have to be overtly seen.

Now is another important point. Get your energy from Me and not from your brothers. Energy comes from the Sun, and you absorb light rays from the Sun and not from fellow Human beings. I am connected to each one of you, the One Child of Mine, and you do well to get all your energy from Me.

And do not give away your energy to another. No one needs to scavenge on yours. Dispense My energy, and not what you think is yours. Your energy comes from Me, and that is how it is infinite. Others must find their own deep well of love.

Everyone comes to Me himself.

The silence between Us is great. This silence of love is My bequeathment of energy to you.

We know that the Reality of you is unencumbered love. Then the Reality of you is also energy. Light is energy, and love is energy, and the quietness between Us is energy.

The same energy can be distorted into disquietude, so now I say to you to give your bequeathed energy back to Me where it can only light the Heavens and the world. Do not sputter away the flame of your energy. Spend it well and refill it fully.

The time comes when Our energy is One. You will not know the difference between yours and Mine. You will be immersed in the pool of My energy, and it will be yours.

From now on, remember that energy means the flow of love from Me to you and you to Me. Then Our love (My love through you) can only outpour on all those who need and welcome further association with it.

What do you think faith is but Our energy entwined?