There Are Angels

God said:

There is an angel of love deep within you. This angel never falters. It flies high to stand on a platform of happiness. And this is the platform for you to stand on. I ask you to come from the same angle as your angel within. This angel is always present. No matter how hidden, how squelched, no matter how opposite-seeming, there is a winged angel within each heart, and that angel's wings and heart beat with love.

Angels and Ideas

Gloria to God:

Dear Father, what would You like to tell us this morning?


I am. God is. That one thought alone makes it possible for you to surrender to Me. And what do you surrender? Falsehood for truth. Misery for joy. Havoc for peace. You surrender smallness for everything.

All you have to do is walk on the other side of the street. Cross over.

Surrender is doing what your heart wants and what your mind may be afraid of.

Saints and Angels

God said:

Angels and saints walk on Earth. They are not famous, or they may be famous but their angelness and saintliness is mostly unknown. They are not recognized for who they are. They simply keep going about their work for Me. They are so in love with My Being that they can only do My Will. To them, sweeping the street or being a movie star is the same. They know full well that I am their Audience, and their attention is on Me the same way that the Earth revolves around the Sun, effortlessly, ceaselessly, and endearingly. Their hearts are at My beck and call, and this is their happiness.

The Idea of Angels

God said:

There are no ends and there are no beginnings. Just rolling of the wheel. The wheel of life does not need to be pushed nor pulled. It goes along on its own momentum. Only, of course, you can jiggle it every now and then.

Angels Come from Heaven

God said:

Whatever on earth inspires you, know that it is I. Art, music, friendship, love, nature, science, embroidery — I am behind them all. They are all cover-ups for Me. Beneath them all I am. They are messengers drawing you to Me. I am the surprise behind the curtain.

Whatever inspires you on earth is a glimpse of Me.

Be inspired to find Me. Look everywhere. Am I not in the moving branches of trees? Am I not in the wind? In the sky that gazes upon the trees? In the Sun above that brightens and nourishes the trees?

Am I not the sunlight that shines on you?

Angels on Earth

God said:

If you knew who you are and where you are from, you would conduct yourself as an angel on earth. You could not do anything else, for your mission on earth is high. You are here for something wonderful. From this moment forward, remember you are angel.

An angel brushes her wings against a Human being's life, and Human life is uplifted.

When Guilt Sets In

God said:

When you start to feel guilty, it is a sign that your selfishness and ego have crept in. Your selfishness and ego are indeed the harbingers of your guilt.

You are vital in the universe, but do not think that your so-called sins or omissions are the warp and the woof of it. They are incidental.

When you feel guilty, you are most assuredly thinking of yourself, and in your vanity, you make a small picture of yourself. You call attention to yourself. Your sense of guilt doesn't say you are responsible. It says, "Woe is me! I am not as perfect as I thought I was. I have fumbled the ball!"

The Seventh Sense

God said:

I am your witness.

I am a friendly witness.

I am the Eyes of the Beholder.

And I witness truth.

And you witness Me. Not one among you does not witness Me. You have a sense of Me. You have an idea of Me. Make your idea be a true one. But whatever your idea of Me, you do have an idea of Me.

Make Me your seventh sense.

Call Me a sense of love.

Is not love a sense?

And does not love make sense?

And does not love travel fast?

Love and light travel at the same speed. Actually, love is faster.

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