Angels and Ideas

Gloria to God:

Dear Father, what would You like to tell us this morning?


I am. God is. That one thought alone makes it possible for you to surrender to Me. And what do you surrender? Falsehood for truth. Misery for joy. Havoc for peace. You surrender smallness for everything.

All you have to do is walk on the other side of the street. Cross over.

Surrender is doing what your heart wants and what your mind may be afraid of.

What a blessing it is to know you don't know much. Then you have fewer convictions to surrender.

Surrender means to come to peace, make terms with it. That is necessary because you looked at peace as an adversary and surrender as a concession.

Surrender is a great victory. It is starting from the beginning. It is a second chance. Surrender removes blinders and shackles, and opens doors you hesitated to knock on.

Surrender is the opposite of holding on. And what you do you hold on to but a piece of straw?


So one surrenders to You, dear God?


To yourself.

Surrender is a step up. It is reaching a clearing. You give yourself to yourself. You say, How do you do? Surrender is meeting yourself.

Surrender is not truce. It is discovery that you do not know the way, nor does another. All another can do is point the way.

Surrender is awareness:

"I may not know anything, but I seek truth from the beginning. I make no concessions. I compromise myself no longer. God gave me a heart and mind to open, not to close off.

"So in this moment of surrender, I unlock my heart. I have had a wax key while God holds a key of gold expressly to open my heart.

"In surrender I present myself without defenses, camouflage, explanations, predictions. I present myself and ask for directions.

"I surrender stumbling around. I surrender noise. I surrender frantic motion.

"In exchange, I accept my Father's love.

"I accept my place in the universe. I acknowledge my value. I honor myself and others.

"I surrender false claims.

"I surrender animosity.

"I surrender poor vision.

"I accept God's vision because I know that no less will do.

"In surrender, I take charge of my life. I begin it.

"I surrender weakness and accept strength.

"I bear my spine as a strong sword that points to Heaven.

"My arms embrace the universe.

"I no longer accept tokens of truth but truth alone.

"I am a human being made in God's image, and I dare to live in that truth.

"I am God's messenger as well as anyone. God loves me as much and as well as anyone. God has not shorted me. He has blessed me.

"I accept His blessings, and I share them.

"I am a gift God has made. In my surrender, He delivers me to the world as He planned.

"I do not turn away from the world. I move in the world as I walk to Heaven.

"I do not straighten out the world or correct it. I simply hold myself high.

"I surrender my insignificance to magnificence.

"And I do this today."


Dear God, so surrender is giving up a pretense of control?


Partly. It is giving up need to control. It is gaining a confidence, a trust, a faith. Fear makes you seek to control. But one does not control another being. Each is sovereign.

Control is a rigorous pretense, doomed to failure. It is an attempt to do that which no man can. He imprisons himself in the boundaries he makes for another.

When you are with Me, where is need to think of controlling. The need then is to inspire, because your deep wish is to do as I, your Father, do.

Surrender fosters inspiration.

Surrender is a form of love and regard for yourself. It is knocking on the door of Heaven and awaiting to be admitted, which you surely will.

You may not have to knock. The door may be open for you with angels hovering to greet you.

Angels have been pushing you in this direction all along.


What are angels, God?


They are My thoughts, as you are My thoughts. Angels are in a form less dense than yours.


Are angels also my thoughts?




Are You my thought?


I am your Reality that you think of, so, yes, I am your thought. Thoughts travel and manifest, just as love travels and manifests.


So each of us is Your thought?


Each of you is My thought begetting itself.


Oh, what does that mean?


Each of My children is more important than he gives himself credit for. If he gave himself credit equal to his worth, the world you live in would blaze in the glorious light of Heaven. Fortunately, you have glimpses of that.

Ideas are My wishes manifesting. You have an idea of Heaven, and that idea comes from Me, as you came from Me. All comes from Me and comes to Me.

Accept that, and you surrender to My love which is yours.

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This is a beautiful melody about surrender. Love and blessings, Jim.