Tune of Health


Dear God, Bev wanted me to ask You on behalf of AJ, a dear friend, who is having hip replacement surgery for the second time in eight years. What can he do to improve this condition and his general health?


Bev is right to know that there is a cause for everything. Cause and effect are the same. There is an avenue of thinking that equals weak hips.

The line from the way of thinking to the outcome is not direct nor can it be clearly seen by Bev, by you, by the doctors, or by AJ himself. The line twists and turns so that all can be surprised and tormented.

Where there is illness, there is a perceived need for it. This seems so far-fetched, but illness is not random, though it appears so. Illness is not without cause, though it appears so.

You seeking souls know that accidents are not accidents. How would illness then be an accident? Each soul chooses it own fate. As hard as that is to believe, this was AJ's choice.

I think Bev cannot tell him this. AJ has to ask for himself.

Bear in mind that an illness is not to be seen as punishment. It can be seen as a working out, perhaps even as a blessing, as anything can be rightly perceived as blessing rather than tragedy.

Anyone who is ill nor not ill must jump out of the world's focus into My vibration.

Thoughts of Me vibrate healing. I am a mantra.


Dear God, sometimes it seems that the best people are struck with illness.


Illness doesn't strike; it is called. It is no indictment of the bearer of the illness. It does not mean that he had evil thoughts or did bad deeds, only some weakness or alteration of thought that needs correction.

The body serves the mind. It doesn't do anything without its user's permission.


Does our culture also attract illness?


Very much. Your culture worships it. If you did not have the concept of illness, there would be none.

In Heaven there is no illness. Full of joy, where would be the room for it? Filled with love, where could illness enter?

I did not create illness. I created man, who created illness.

Perfect health is not an illusion. Illness is the illusion manifested for all to see so it can seem to be real.

Sometimes I think illness is meant to be a joke on Me, as if the creators of illness in the world are saying: "Look, I am more powerful than You! Look what I made!"

It is not necessary to be so attached to the body. Bodies prove nothing. Bodies are the errand-boy, hired for a time.


God, saints have had illnesses, and their courage and rising above it have contributed to their sainthood. Some pure beings have no illness until the end of their stay here when it seems to sneak in. Where was their thinking or feeling off?


They could have chosen an illness for the benefit of others. What you name illness may be for a higher purpose.

I, Myself, am not for illness as a form of victory to be held up like a banner. I do not favor suffering of any kind. Suffering is not necessary. It is not My Will, and it is not be proud of. It is not be shown off.

But sometimes an illness reveals the goodness of what the person is truly made of and gives courage to others.


I know someone who died a long and painful death, never complained, always uplifted everyone who came to see her. Really, God, where was her wrong thinking?


Perhaps it disappeared with the illness, Gloria. At present, you cannot understand. Accept that.

I tender Bev My blessings and remind her that a caring heart must not let itself be swayed too much. Tell Bev to care without investment.


Would you say something specific to AJ, dear God?


I watch over Him. Let him look to Me. With or without illness, life is better with Me noticed in the heart. I am the Capturer of Hearts. Surrender to that.

Gloria to Mother Divine:

Dear Mother Divine, even when God speaks of illness, He makes it less painful.

Mother Divine:

He makes it unpainful. He makes it like any other opportunity in life. As Christ did, naturally He sees beyond the body and is not trapped in a vibration of illness.

Illness is its own music played. Choose another song.

Choose a higher-vibration song. Sing a song that bursts boundaries, breaks glass, opens hearts, spurs birds to sing, moves the stars, enlightens the moon, brightens the sun, and stimulates hearts to sing with the highest vibration of all and reverberate through the yearning world.


But how do we sing that song, Mother Divine?

Mother Divine:

Remember God, and it is sung.

Consider that you push a button on a jukebox. It is not more than that. Which song do you want to hear? Then choose that one.

Make a choice for God within. Then the jukebox will automatically play your favorite.

In truth, there is only one button to choose, and that button is God. All the other buttons are lures, detours, painted-on buttons that don't go anywhere.

Push the button called God. That button is right in your heart, well within reach, and already connected to the central God.

Push your light, and other lights will go on. Music is contagious. Be contagious with God's tune. It really is catchy.

Push that button in your heart now. See how easy it is. Watch what happens.