The Innocent Being of You

God said:

Relative life is a parade that passes before you. Certain costumes, certain rhythms, certain portrayals march before you. You enter the parade and weave yourself in and around, but always you are on the sidelines watching the parade.

When you hold on to the past, you are only holding on to your picture of the parade gone by. It is only pictures you hold on to. Although a band in a parade may march in place for a moment before you, it always moves on. And when the parade seems to finish, then it is only another assemblage you watch. It is another parade with perhaps another name. It may be the parade called going home, but life never disperses.

You, who stand still watching the marching bands, march on with your eyes. Other pictures appear before you. For you are not the marchers. You are the watchers of the parade. You are the audience. Your participation is imaginary, and no longer will you hold on to what you have imagined.

You are the watcher of life, rain or shine.

You can choose to be trammeled in the parade of life, or you can choose to be unsullied.

If mud splashes on you, what has it reached?

It has reached your clothes or your skin.

Mud cannot reach the innocent being of you.

Think of what it means to be a being. And to be a Human being, fashioned of God, made to be a watcher of great scenes. I made you to be. Not to fluctuate with the pictures. Whatever the pictures, you are a being who is being.

Whatever pictures pass before you, you are the continuer. Parades go on, but you are the continuer. We can furthermore say that you are the one who presses the button that signals which parade. We could say you have many music boxes before you, and now you turn the key on one, and now you turn the key on another. On top of one dances a ballerina. On another dances a clown.

All the while, you are being. You are a Human being. Your being is established. Throughout the parade, you are a being. You are not a will o' the wisp. You are not a fragment. You are a whole being. You are a being of wholeness, not parts.

It is the parts you leave behind. You cannot be separated from your wholeness. You have been given elegant being. That is a given.

You have been given as a gift to light the parade as it comes into view and as it passes from view and another picture appears.

Your eyes light the parade.

The marching band in the parade exists from your awareness.

Your awareness ignites the parade.

Watch with joy.

The parade never stops, and it never began.

You are the seer of the parade.

Drums are banged and feet make a cadence, and you watch. Do not keep what you watch. Do not attach yourself to what you watch. Do not attach. Then you do not have to dis-attach later. The band will pass by regardless. Holding on is wasted effort. Do not try to attach to you what only can fly away.

Let the parade move on.

Find another moment of timelessness before you.

Do not get stuck in a passing band.

Keep the music that is beyond the beating of the drums.

Keep your being.

Honor it. Remember it. And you can only be being, for you are My being presented to the world.

You are a delegate.

You do not put on airs to be My delegate.

You remove airs to be My delegate.

My delegate sees My vision with his eyes, and he tells of My vision with his words.

You represent no other but Me.

Hold your shoulders back and high, for you are a representative of the God of Being.

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