Remember Truth

God said:

You think too much. You have heard that before. You remember too much as well. You bank on your memories. You store them and count them out like ten-dollar bills. You amass them, and think they hold you together. Memories are just strings from the past. They are a decoration. They are not the substance of you. They are immaterial to you. But you think somehow that they add up to you, are equivalent, are revealing, are important.

Every memory of yours is a drop in the bucket, and added together, they make the bucket heavy for you to carry. It is not useful for you to carry the bucket of your memories and to sit down every once in a while to pore over them and examine them and sigh with remorse, envy, adoration, pride, sadness for what seemed to transpire so long ago.

The older the memory, the dearer it becomes. The further away, the more precious.

These are little memories that you carry, and you make them big.

There is a bigger memory that you forget and forget again and again, and that is your memory of Truth. You get caught up in your story, as if the story of your life is the story of you.

There is another untold unremembered unforgettable story of you. It is the story of Our embrace that holds us as One through thick and thin, through eons of eternity, which is no time at all. Eternity is this present moment which often escapes you. Rather you escape it because your thinking is forward or back.

You remember the delicious beverage you had in your youth. You imagine a delicious beverage that you will have later today or tomorrow or next week. There is something ahead of you that you look forward to with relish, and something behind you that you look forward to remembering. And so the deliciousness of what you are drinking this moment eludes you.

Some of your precious memories were not precious at their inception. Don't let that happen again.

Enjoy this moment of life right now.

When you read Heavenletters, when you embrace Me in any way, you have flashes of living in the moment, and that is what gives you joy. I am this moment. When you are awake to the present moment, you are in My presence. I am present. The presentness is I. I present Myself to you nonstop, and when you notice, you have joy. Not joy that helps you forget pain, but joy in which other matters take their rightful place. When you are with Me, you are with Me.

Other thoughts may enter, but they flicker their way out. Christ was thoroughly aware of Me, My presence, My embrace, and so he beheld the world with My eyes.

When you are knowingly held in My embrace, you are held. When your head leans against My breast, you hear My heartbeat, and through My heart as well as yours, you know My thoughts, and you express My thoughts. My love for you is paramount, and you absorb it in My embrace.

This does not make you unaware of the life around you. It makes the life around you appear, as it were, with light around it, with dimensions unseen before. Your vision becomes like a kaleidoscope, and you turn the world. You begin to see. You begin to hear. You begin to be in your beingness.

Harken to My heart. My heart beats for you. It is the drumbeat of My love. It is My drumsong to you. I call you to Me with My heart. Remember Our long uninterrupted association, and hold Me close to your heart. Remember Our Oneness. It is yours and it is Mine, just as you are yours and you are Mine, and We are One.

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Smiling :o) The story of my

Smiling :o)

The story of my life, is not the story of me sweet Gloria. Neither is the story of anyone the story of anyone. Our Soul Journey`s remembrance of our Spirit`s truth - is the real truth. Sometimes I get caught up in my life story on earth - laughing, but not for long anymore smiling. I am landing - you see - in my truth - in a treetop, climbing down the treetrunk, the centre of life, looking at all the branches on my left and on my right summoning up my life experience and karma. Oh boy - have I learned from all the various brances, making a lot of different shapes, sizes and lenghts. Without them I would not have been as aware of ... as I am today. This has been my path.

I climb all the way down to the beginning, before the time of the branches, and I soak up the nourishing liquid of the deep red roots, that go on for ever and ever.

Now I remember ... smiling ETERNITY - the beverage of the source. Yes I am enjoying life now - smiling. Thank You and thank me.

We were 7 who went bowling yesterday, and we had great fun. Do you enjoy bowling? smiling

Love and Light

I go to bed every night with

I go to bed every night with an intention of remembering my dreams. They are soul messages, unaffected by common sense and limitations.


My heart beats for you. It

My heart beats for you. It is the drumbeat of My love. It is My drumsong to you. I call you to Me with My heart.

And my heart misses some beats while merging into God ...
much love


"And my heart misses some beats while merging into God "

......I have noticed. Love, Jim.