Your Heart's Refrain

God said:

I am already established in your heart. That is the marvelous thing. I am already within you. Here I am, and you look for Me everywhere. Furthermore, I am everywhere. You can see Me everywhere, anywhere, but where you find Me most of all is in your heart. I emanate from your heart.

Stop squeezing your heart, and you will free yourself to know Me. You need do nothing to bring Me in; just stop squeezing Me out. In other words, open your heart, and you open it to Me.

How close to the Source of Life beats your heart! There is a wordless refrain. If We put it into words, it would be: "God is here. God is here. God is. God is. I am. I am." And your blood echoes the refrain. That is what every cell in health in your body says. Now let your mind say it clearly as well. Let your mind hear what your heart beats.

How connected to the word "hear" is the word "heart". Yes, you hear your heart. At first it is a rumble, and then it becomes a clear song that your heart repeats. Let your mind pick up the song. Don't let your mind change the tune. My song cannot be improved upon.

Let your heart be. Leave it as it was. It is a throbbing impulse of love, but it has been derailed. You have tried to detach it from yourself, as if your existence were apart from the heart I planted in you. All right, yes, you have guessed it. Your soul is located in your heart. It rests there. And yet your soul is not physical. It cannot be pinpointed, but you can know you have it, and where it resides. A vastness so great resides in you. I reside in you, and your heart's soul resides in you. What more could you want?

Your heart is strong and true. Do not deter your heart. Do not make it less than it is. It is not a wild beast. It is your true calling. Your heart calls, and it answers. All your answers lie there in your unspoken heart.

Let your heart speak.

Let it wave its flag.

Let your heart be the messenger that it is — messenger and receiver, receiver and messenger.

The code I give you is in your heart. The mind has some recollection of it, but the mind is very much into object rather than subject. My concern is your heart, not your mind, not your intellect.

Your intellect is like all the books in the library. And it is your heart that knows what the books contain. All the knowledge, all the wisdom, all the love is siphoned into your heart. Your heart is so cultured through lifetimes of love, the hunt for it, the dispatching of it, the fantasies of it, the irresolute appearance of it and the secrets it holds. Love is its own secret and so it is no secret at all. Love is known. Any attempts to educate your heart deform it. Leave your heart alone. It knows more than you do.

Your heart is simple. Complexity is not knowing more. Intricacy is the truth woven into fancy knots. Unweave your heart back. A heart is basic. An untrammeled heart is pure. Defragment your heart. Rub its soreness away, and then leave it alone. Cease reforming your heart.

Your heart is a beacon. It is not a follower except as it follows My heart. Let your heart listen to what it wants to. Don't master your heart. Love it.

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I emanate from your heart.

Your heart is a beacon. It is not a follower except as it follows My heart. Let your heart listen to what it wants to. Don't master your heart. Love it.