Your Heart Contains the Answer

God said:

There is a reference point, and I am That. I am your Reference Point. Of course, I am. You started with Me and to Me you return, although you actually stay with Me all along.

If you check with anything along the way, check with Me.

You have checked with your friends. You have checked with books. You have checked with TV talk hosts. You have checked with your past, and you have checked with everything under the sun.

Check with Me now, and find your answers. Find your confirmation with Me. If you want Truth, here is where you will get it.

Perhaps you think either that I approve everything — "too easy, this God" — or I disapprove everything — "impossible to meet this God's demands", but here is what you are missing: It is you I approve of utterly and inalterably. I do not rate your actions. I do not keep score. I guide you as best I can, and never do I drop you. It is true I love you no matter what. But that does not make Me too easy. That makes Me God.

How you see yourself is most likely how you see Me.

Perhaps you are too easy on yourself or too hard. Or perhaps you are both. And you project your picture of yourself onto Me.

You make an error. You would undo it if you could. You could kick yourself. And so you think I am kicking you.

And when life goes well for you, and you make choices that content your heart, you may have a vague thought that you are getting away with something, that I, God, am letting you get away with something, that you are getting off free when really you should be penalized for something.

But I do not punish. And I certainly do not punish you for learning something. Your learning is progress whatever so-called mistakes led up to it. I am joyous for your learning.

Yet sometimes the lessons in life that the world teaches are not My sentiments at all. Winning the prize may not really be winning the prize. So make Me your reference point, and just check with Me in your heart. Check whose admiration you have.

Deep in your heart you know what is important and what is not. When all is said and done, you know. Yet sometimes, My children ignore what they hear for the sake of something that can only be a bauble once it is in hand.

You know the difference between tin and gold. And yet sometimes you choose tin because of how it glistens for a moment. Know the difference between whim and following your heart.

Today choose with your full heart. Choose with My blessing. You have that. Whatever you choose, you have that. But, ah, choose to make Me happy, and then you have My happiness in your heart.

So now you are asking yourself: "What will make God happy here? He is never displeased with me. But what can I do now that will please Him? I know He does not ask for sacrifice from me because if I feel I am sacrificing, I am not being honest. If I feel I am sacrificing, I am expecting something, and I know God doesn't want me to expect a certain result, for that is making an attachment to result. So I am not trying to be good. That is gauging myself against the world's measure."

Then you say: "When I have a choice, how do I know which choice will make God happy? I must just feel in my heart to know the truth of my decision."

And it is My place to tell you that some choices don't make any difference to Me. They don't matter.

What matters is that you follow your heart. And you are learning to listen to what your heart says.

You can weigh oranges in your hand, and know which weighs more.

You can weigh decisions in your heart the same.