The Far Reaches of Your Life

God said:

When I say that each one of you on Earth is indispensable, you find that hard to believe. But it is true. Each of you fills a place in the weave of the world. I did put you where you are. It was not a flip of the coin. I chose you to do something for Me. You were needed in the spot you are. And now you can make something of it. You can just fill space or you can enliven the space you fill. The point is that I picked you for something important that only you can fulfill.

Consider yourself a dealer of cards. The cards have a sequence that is not for you to determine. They were already shuffled. One card follows the other. You just deal them out, but how you deal the cards you find in your hand makes a difference in the game. Deal them with joy, and the game is joyful.

Much of life is frittered away in thoughts of what comes next. Keep your thoughts on dealing the cards, not so much on outcome. Not so much on what hand is dealt you, but on your dealing. An ace or a deuce is not the master of you. Neither decides your fate.

And when the last card is dealt, there is another deck.

What is the point of a game of cards, you ask. And what is the point of your life, you want to know.

Accept that you were appointed, and your life will grow to new dimensions.

What if you are not an accident? What if you are My premeditated thought? What if I willed you into existence? What if I picked you? You may be sure that you were My choice — not random, but a well-considered one. What if I gave you something wonderful to do? You will not remember the words I whispered to you, but you can know that you carry them. My thumb is imprinted on you, and My thought is impressed into your soul, and your soul guides you into the far reaches of your life.

We can say that the soul is your flashlight. You are in a deep forest, but it cannot in truth be dark. A silent Presence leads you. Your own soul answers to Me. It takes you to Me. It brings you ever closer to Me. It awakens you to Me. It awakens you to you.

What is this, this existence of you? It has been called a candlelight that goes out. I assure you that the flame of you never burns out, but it may get out of your sight. When the flame seems to flicker, you have been blinking your eyes.

There is a vast wholeness to you, and within that wholeness lies your purpose. Your purpose is not a pinpoint. It is not a task. It is a purpose.

Mary Mary Quite Contrary was asked, "How does your garden grow?" She was not asked specific details. She was asked, as I ask you, "How does your garden grow?"

I planted your garden, and I gave it to you to tend. I tendered you to the world, and signaled you to multiply My love there.

And I ask further: "Will you flourish for Me? Will you reap the fruits I have given you? Will you be My Will on Earth and grow a love that makes the planet Earth a testament to the greatness of My love?"

How you do grow toward Me! A little bit here, and a little bit there. And it appears, as if all at once, you are grown.