be fruitful and multiply

The Far Reaches of Your Life

God said:

When I say that each one of you on Earth is indispensable, you find that hard to believe. But it is true. Each of you fills a place in the weave of the world. I did put you where you are. It was not a flip of the coin. I chose you to do something for Me. You were needed in the spot you are. And now you can make something of it. You can just fill space or you can enliven the space you fill. The point is that I picked you for something important that only you can fulfill.

You Are a Simple Peddler

God said:

God is a sentinel.

I blow the horn of life. Once sounded, it reverberates through the universe. Indeed, it brought the universe into being, and the perpetual sounding keeps it going. You are part of the creation made from My call. I summoned you. I summon you still.

Once played, the note of you continues. You are eternal. You are the sound issued from My lips, and I continue to hum you.

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