You Are a Simple Peddler

God said:

God is a sentinel.

I blow the horn of life. Once sounded, it reverberates through the universe. Indeed, it brought the universe into being, and the perpetual sounding keeps it going. You are part of the creation made from My call. I summoned you. I summon you still.

Once played, the note of you continues. You are eternal. You are the sound issued from My lips, and I continue to hum you.

You are the note I play on My flute. Flute, horn, it doesn't matter. All My instruments play the notes of My love. What issues from Me is what I want. And, oh, how I have wanted you! To Me, you are like a haunting song that keeps running through Me. You keep going through Me. I am in you, and you are also in Me. One strand of DNA tells the whole story. You are one of My strands.

Of what are you capable?

Whatever you want.

You have the whole code. Take your pick. You have taken your pick.

All the letters of the alphabet are contained within you. All the notes of the scale are yours. Within you is contained the whole. Your choices are unlimited, for you are My seed.

Did you think otherwise? Did you think you were a dandelion puff blown from somewhere at random? I placed you on the universe carefully. I knew what I was doing. Is that your greatest doubt, that I didn't? I knew exactly what I was making when I formed you. And I knew exactly where to let you alight. You were sent prepaid, as it were. I wrote down your destination, and I was very exact. You were a deliberate act of Mine. I took pause when I created you. I didn't hustle. I am God.

I stirred you properly. You turned out in the image I had of you. What image could I possibly have but love?

You are the sweetness that I created.

You were not an experiment.

I created you perfectly.

I am a great Maker of sweets. And I entrusted the earth to you. When I told you to multiply, I meant to multiply My love, multiply My sweetness, multiply My Will on Earth. Although I gave you a Human form, that was not My major concern. Your sweetness was. Your inordinate sweetness was My claim. I staked you out on a Paradise called Earth. I would not place you in a desert. Or if I would, I would give you water, and, therefore, it would not be a desert.

When you alit on Earth, you were handed everything you would need for your whole stay. I encoded Myself in you. Therefore, you are My child of love. And while you are here on Earth, you promulgate My love. As My agent, that is what you do. You make more room in other hearts for Me. You make more room by filling up hearts with Me. It is an easy thing to fill up hearts with Me.

You are where you are to make Me happy. You are My happiness on Earth. When I told you to multiply, I also meant My happiness.

Have you learned how to multiply? It is a form of adding, is it not? But it is not counting. It certainly is not sorting or taking away. It is not detraction nor distraction. It is multiplication.

My love will easily multiply so long as you don't think it's yours to ration.

I gave you pamphlets of My love to hand out. It is your role to put them in every hand, not just some. Give Me away. Do not total up. It costs you nothing to get Me recognized.

My value exceeds the physical.

Be generous with the heart of Me. Give Me away so I am multiplied. Unto you has much been added.

Not taking things personally means there is nothing for you to take. When you deliver My goods, what is there for you to take personally? You deliver for Me. You don't worry about the bills for what you deliver. You are simply the one who delivers. You do not need a receipt. It is not your package in the first place. You carry it to drop off somewhere. How it is received is not your concern. Your concern is the delivering of it.

This what I am saying is also a form of turning the other cheek. How can you take an affront when it is not yours to take? Turning the other cheek is going on about your business — rather your Father's business. You are a humble deliverer, not a bill collector. You are not going about My business for recognition of you. You do not need anyone's recognition. You are the deliverer. I have not asked you to pick up packages from anyone but Me. You don't need signatures. You don't need tips. You are a deliverer for Me.

Pay attention to what you are doing, not what someone else does. You are responsible for yourself, not someone else's actions or reactions. You are responsible for delivering My love on Earth. That is your assignment. I did not assign you to check up on others. I did not ask you to ask anything of anyone else to be sure they are paying you enough homage. You don't need your due. There is nothing due you, for you are a simple deliverer of My wares.

You are a simple peddler. You do not work for yourself. You work for someone else. You work for Me. Remember that which I have given you to do.