The Openness of Innocence

God said:

It's a good thing when you don't know what to do, when you don't know what to say or what to write. It is good because then you offer openness. When you know, or know for sure, you offer closedness. And closedness is control. Openness is not.

Of course, openness has to be true. An appearance of openness while you are sure inside that you know the answer is not openness but a manipulation of it.

Innocence is unknowing. Innocence is openness. Innocence is the greatest knowledge of all. It is a clean slate. It is openness. It is freedom.

It is not controlling.

All your attempts at control are false anyway. You really do know better. You play a game with yourself, and you think you are smart with it, but you just haven't learned. Or time and time again, you learn, and then forget right away.

You who need no bolstering try to bolster yourself. How can you lift yourself? It doesn't work. You cannot carry yourself. You can walk yourself, but you cannot carry yourself.

Let in the reality that I carry you. A force of life carries you, and be open to it.

When you resist, you control. You think you control. Holding back is a form of control. It is your way of stating your objection or fear or resolve or the fact of your existence, but it is really an obstacle you put in front of yourself. Pushing away life is not living it.

You may think you know how to orchestrate life, yours and the world's, but there are very few strings on your guitar. Infinite are the strings that play out life, and your fingers cannot begin to reach them. Your feet do not reach the pedals of the grandest piano in the world.

But you can reach to Me. You do reach to Me. I, who play all the chords, am stringless. I am attached to nothing but to you. My attachment is nonattachment. My attachment is a freeing love. I attach you to freedom. I cut any strings that bind us. But a cord of love connects us.

We are connected but not bound.

And that is how you can stamp your feet at life or shake your fist at Me, and We can still be Oneness.

You think your life is yours, but it is Mine. I gave it to you, but it was Mine to give. You cannot disconnect from your Source. You really don't want to, for then you would be a satellite without a moon. You would be a boat without a place to dock. You would be a pen without a hand to hold it.

Sometimes you want your individuality more than you want Me. Then you are My wayward child who gets rapt in the toys he plays with.

Heretofore, you have always thought that it was good to know what you were doing. Now I am telling you that you may have thought you knew, but you never did. You who are innocent might as well acknowledge your innocence.

Innocence is not helpless. It is wise. It is helpful. Your innocence is helpful to Me because innocence erects no barriers to Me. Your innocence allows Me to carry you. And I carry you high. I carry you beyond Heaven to Heavenness. You might as well surrender to Me, for it is your Self you surrender to. When you surrender your myth of control, you are saying:

"Dear God, help me to grow. Help me to grow into your love. Help me to be the bearer of it. Help me to know I emanate from You. Help me to know that I am Your light. Help me to brighten all of Earth with Your light as it shines from my eyes. Help me to know Your thinking and to make it my own. Help me to know that I am Your worthy thought on Earth. Help me to know that I am worth Your love and faith in me. Help me to have faith in You Who has faith in me. Help me to know that You fashioned Me from Your heart of love, and that I am that which You fashioned. Help me to love You, not for Your power and glory, but because I am love. Help me, Your child on Earth, to know what You want and how to fulfill it in Your name, not mine. And for this, I am glad. My gladness can be called gratefulness. And I am glad that You made me and call me Yours."