You Are the Listener

God said:

Beloved, there is something special and essential in Our One-on-One conversations, whether you hear Me firsthand in your own Godwriting or as a posted Heavenletter shared around the world over the years again and again. Regardless, We spend time together. We are in each other’s Presence.

The Difference between Godwriting and Most Other Writing

God said:

The difference between Godwriting and most other writing is that in what I say, there is no ego. That is it. Without ego, words go to the heart of the matter which is Truth. Yes, more often than not, I come from a different angle than you do. I always come from the same one angle, beloveds. I do not jump around. Truth is without ego, and that's the whole story.

A God with ego would not be a God. Now let's talk about you.

As ego fades, Truth arises. As your perceived need for ego fades, Truth arises.

From Where Love Comes

God said:

Don't mind so much that thoughts flit in and out of your mind. That is their nature. They will be gone soon enough anyway, and others will fly in to take their place. You don't have to keep your train of thought.

Sometimes you think that your thoughts hold you and the universe together, but it is Being that holds the universe together. It is Being that holds everything together.

Early Faith

God said:

You are learning to trust. Trusting is greater confidence in your own heart. It is not something out there that you have to trust in, but your own self and the Great God within.

Your life is built on trust. You put one foot down and trust that the other will follow. You put a flower in the sun and water it and trust it will grow. When you go to bed at night, you trust that you will wake up.

Godwriting, Godliving

God said:

When you write My words, you do not know where they are going. But you write them anyway.

I may say, "There are three points to consider." Having no idea what the three points are, you nevertheless write down: "There are three points to consider." Boldly you write down what you hear Me say. You have trust that that is what I said, and you have trust that you heard it. You have trust enough so that you write it down.

You follow My words. You follow My thought. You follow My Will. That is Godwriting.

And this is the way to live life.

God's Touch

God said:

There is a Golden Touch to what I say. More than the words, more than the structure, more than the thoughts, there is an invisible silent blessing from Me. You cannot hear it. You cannot see it. You cannot touch it. And yet My Golden Touch touches you.

Take all My words away, and My Golden Touch remains. Erase, and My love within Heavenletters remains like invisible ink. Take an eraser and erase My written words from your notebook, and still an impression is left. My words once spoken are spoken. What I say stands. Nothing topples it.

Godwriting to Me

God said:

You begin: “God said.” You could begin: “God whispered.” “God thought.” “God smiled.”

You may hear words from Me, but I speak not in words. I speak in a vibration of sound. My thoughts are a vibration, and the vibration of My thought swirls up, and you catch a layer of My vibration and cut off a slice.

As you know, all is vibration. Even the innocent physical chairs and tables vibrate. They really are not sitting still there. They contain moving molecules that dance around.

In Asking Is the Healing

Bev: God, I find I have resistances to hearing/writing Your words.
God: Ask for the resistance to go. There are layers. Ask every time you come to a new layer. In asking is the healing. Writing is an action that helps release the blocks. You write to Me, and blocks within yourself are dissolved. Don't delay. Now is the time. Start somewhere, and it will come to you. Just do it.
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