Early Faith

God said:

You are learning to trust. Trusting is greater confidence in your own heart. It is not something out there that you have to trust in, but your own self and the Great God within.

Your life is built on trust. You put one foot down and trust that the other will follow. You put a flower in the sun and water it and trust it will grow. When you go to bed at night, you trust that you will wake up.

You see the benefits of trust. It takes a load off you. Trust is worryless. It makes no sense to wonder if your other foot will always follow, that the flower will always grow, and that you will always wake up the next morning. Trust is letting go of that which you do not control in any case. How wise trust is!

Sometimes trust is a leap. Or so it seems.

You trust that when you Godwrite, I will whisper the words to you. You trust that you will hear closely and write down what I say. You trust there is value. Even if no other human being were to physically see or hear what you write, it takes trust on your part to hear Me and write Me.

Further, your trust extends to the ends that I exist, and that there is value in your existence and Mine and Our talking back and forth.

How is it that trust is made such a big thing of, as though it were a danger-maker? What is the virtue in not trusting? Is its counterpart, doubt, more noble or safer or refined? Why isn't doubt doubted more than trust?

It is the heart that knows things, and the mind that doubts. Oh, that mind of yours! How it searches for proof, when the whole of creation is evidence of My being!

The mind proves what it wants to. The mind is an errant lover. It is a will-o'-the-wisp, and you let it be your advisor.

So We come back to your heart where trust shines its light. Your lovely heart. My domain. Let your heart be overtaken with its sense of My love, for your sense of My love is My love direct. Allow yourself to know it, My love in your heart. Let My love splash there to your heart's content.

Your heart is My palace on Earth. Your heart is My Heaven on Earth. Your heart is not only where I like to be but where I am. Within your heart lies abundance of well-being. Your heart is a hearth of trust. Keep the fires of trust burning bright in your heart. You are the keeper of the fire. Blow on it. Warm your hands there. Fuel it. Put on more logs of trust. The more you trust, the more you trust.

And when does trust become faith? When nothing else but trust can burn in your heart, it is called Faith. Faith is pure trust, trustingness that enflames the whole of creation with its light. From your single heart comes faith enough to brighten the world.

Doubt does not brighten. It dims. Choose trust over doubt, and the light of your trust will grow to faith.

We can call trust early faith, or the early glow of faith. Flickering faith. True faith is eternal and universal. True faith is knowing truth, and truth leaves no room for faithlessness.

My faith lies in you. You are the holder of My faith. Behold it, the faith in you that is Mine. I have great faith in you within whose heart My faith lies. I have double faith. Hold My faith up high so that I may see it burning bright in your heart.