God's Unbounded Love

God said:

Faith is a theme. It is like an emblem on a T-shirt smack in the middle of your chest.

Faith is also a winding pattern as on the hem of a skirt.

Faith is interior and exterior. If we look at you as a round globe, the outer line of you is the center amplified.

Faith is not something you hunt. You do not achieve it. Allow it, and it will be there, a full assemblage of faith.

Faith allows no fear. Fear and faith are contradictory. One is real, and one is false, but often you think the opposite. You consider fear real, and faith as an add-on, some nice ruffle that sits on the edge of you, a ruffle nice but superfluous compared to the adherence of fear. No substitute for the reality of fear, you say.

Fears are like tracks you have made. Fears leave their imprint. But an imprint is an imprint. It is not reality. Because your steps show you ran from something behind you once doesn't mean you have to keep running. Because fear once chased you doesn't mean it has to chase you now. Stop looking back, and fear will not follow you.

By the same token, stop looking for fear in front of you, and it will disband.

Fears are based on the past — your past and the past of others. You were taught that it was necessary to fear, that fear was a helmet that would protect you. You were told to be careful rather than carefree. What if you had been taught to be carefree? All the woe and potential woe you would not carry.

Be a teacher of yourself now. Find your own voice. Repeat after Me:

"I am a treasured being of God's. No ill can befall Me, for I am permanently encased in God's heart and view. What I see as deadly are surface episodes that touch my body and touch my sense of well-being, but not my well-being. Surface events do not touch My connection to God and the reality of who I am and what I am for. I am presently an experiencer. I have had enough experience of fear by now — foolish fear. Now I move on past fear.

"I have always been afraid to enter the woods, an unknown forest of light and shadow. My life has been a dark woods, and I may have stayed on the edge of my life for fear of entering it.

"Nothing is fatal. That which disappears never was. It was an illusion, just as fear is an illusion. Fear lasts only as it is upheld. I cannot be lost. My fear is that I will be lost or damaged. But the truth of me is inviolable.

"I belong to my Father. I wear His brand. I am never out of His sight. It is He Who follows me. He supercedes all my fears. I replace my fears with the thought of God. God will replace my fears with Himself.

"I have thought that my existence is in my body. My body is a temporary shelter, a tent I put up. One day I take it down and move on. What is so hard about that? I am a nomad on Earth but a sojourner in Heaven. I have been seeking my rightful place, and now I learn it is purely in God's heart.

"That which I fear does not come upon me because I turn my thoughts to better things than fear. That which I love comes upon me.

"An enemy is my projected thought. I call my thoughts back and send out new ones.

"I am a lovely thought of God's. Any thoughts less than loved and lovely have been my individual imagination. I put my trembling imagination aside and choose God's vision now. I forsake my imagination for God's vision, and that includes His vision of me.

"I now accept that I am God's vision. He sees me. I will not wander from His sight again nor will I put fear thoughts above His embrace. Now I embrace the goodness of life and the goodness of God, and I make them my own. I know how to do that. I simply substitute love for fear, and sink into the knowledge that I am God's unbounded love."