What Makes You Doubt?

God said:

When you see how light falls through the leaves of a tree, can you doubt My existence? When you see the height of a tree, can you doubt My existence? When you hear a bird sing, can you doubt? When you see a blossoming flower, can you doubt? When you see a butterfly extract the sweet nectar from a butterfly bush, can you doubt? When you see the vast firmament, can you doubt? When you hear the first cry of a new born baby, can you doubt?

What then makes you doubt?

Early Faith

God said:

You are learning to trust. Trusting is greater confidence in your own heart. It is not something out there that you have to trust in, but your own self and the Great God within.

Your life is built on trust. You put one foot down and trust that the other will follow. You put a flower in the sun and water it and trust it will grow. When you go to bed at night, you trust that you will wake up.

Be Innocent

God said:

If you already know everything, what can you learn?

Take a step forward, and know nothing. Then you will learn everything.

You try to match what you think you already know with what I say, and then you keep or discard accordingly.

Be open. That's how things get in. Closed, what can enter? You close yourself in to a small territory. Abandon territory. Open the gates. I am not talking about exposing yourself to the world. I am talking about opening to Truth, and I am that Truth. Expand your boundaries of thought. Let in a possibility.

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