The Possibility of Faith

God said:

You who are My beloveds wander away from your belief in Me. You wander away from My love, and wonder where it has gone. You have been following kites and clouds in the sky and bouncing balls and sidewalks at your feet, and you have forgotten the wholeness that is yours to follow. You may believe I exist somewhere somehow, but you no longer believe in My ability, for you look at toys and you see nothingness and woe. You certainly have been walking on a side walk when you walk without your awareness of Me.

You think I am willful rather than willing. Sometimes you even think My Will is for you to suffer. But that is your will, not Mine. It is your will because you believe in suffering more than you believe in Me, or love, or good, or yourself. You forget to partake of My Will. Distraction leads you to be distraught. Distraction and distraughtness are off course. You have not gone beyond My love, for there is no limit to it, but you have gone past your perception of it.

Just as when you are looking for a certain address, and you have gone past it and can't find it, you feel lost. You think you are lost. When you think you are lost, then you turn around, and you look again, and the house you were looking for is where it was all the time you could not find it.

I am findable. I am findworthy. I stop you every once in a while so that you will find Me. Sometimes you trip over My feet. Sometimes you stare at Me smack in the face, and you don't see Me. But I am seeable. That is, I am knowable. I am Knowing Itself. And I am your knowing. All that is missing is your conscious knowing of Me. You have been sleeping on your feet. You have been sleepwalking.

Of course, life on Earth is a dream. But I am not. I am Truth. I am Reality. You may think I am fiction, but I am the only nonfiction there is. And you are truth as well. You are My love incarnate. Because you are incarnate does not mean that you are less than My love.

There is a question of focus here. That does not mean you are to ignore the sounds and sights around you. It does not mean you are to ignore Me either. You are to see through the density around you to the light that I am and which the density is also. Start seeing your light everywhere. See beyond events in life. See through appearances. What you will see beyond is yourself.

You have often called dark light and light dark. Think about that for a moment. You have thought something was wonderful, and it was not. You have thought something was terrible, and it was not. Oh, My dear children, you have sometimes called pain exquisite. You have denied love, and denied yourself. And you have denied Me.

Deny Me no longer. Do not deny My joy in your joy.

When are you going to love yourself if not now? I, Who understand everything, don't quite understand what you are waiting for. Some wait for a particular configuration of the stars. Some wait for something to end. Some wait for they know not what. Some wait to even want what is theirs to want.

Don't wait for life to come to you and decide if you like what it has brought. Hop to life, and seek what you like. I will tell you, once and for all, that you want Me as much as I want you, and I want you very much. I want your recognition of the soul that you are. I want you to know you. We are the same yearning for each other. You feel Mine. I feel yours, and We come closer together through your awareness of what you never could lose in the first place. And that is My love in your heart.

Sometimes you think I give more to others. Sometimes you think others are better able to know Me. No one is better able to know Me than you are. Deep within you is a willingness to know more than you presently know. Give Me a gift of that willingness to know Me. I am full-blast in front of you. Open your eyes to Me. Open your heart to Me.

Don't wait for Me to give you sight. I will, but upon your invitation, a gentle invitation that says:

"God, according to Your Will, open Me to Your presence. I will no longer tell you when and how and where. I will trust in You that You know when to open me to the sight that is mine. Meanwhile, I look for You and spread Your love on Earth.

"I do not have to know where I am going. It is enough that You do. I give you my faith in You. My faith in You is a promise I make to myself. My faith in You and You are one and the same. I open myself fully to You, and you dub me with Your lighted sword of love. That is My faith, and I thank You, My loving Father, for even the possibility of faith."