God said:

What a treasure of Mine are you! If only you could believe that, the whole world would turn on end. The world is turning. It spins. And you are the spinner of it.

Even encased in a Human body, you are unlimited. Your body is not the limit of you. You extend far beyond. You extend to Heaven.

This time you spend on Earth is an episode. It is a kind of delirium. It is a spin-off from reality. But how real it seems to you! You find the physical so real, so vital, so essential while it is really a will-o'-the-wisp.

Your body is merely a physical extension of you. It is a picture drawn in sand. It is a picture drawn in invisible ink. It is a dummy of you. That body you are so attached to is only a semblance of you. It is not you. Your attention is so much on your body that you have come to believe in it. It has replaced Me in your awareness.

Body is not king.

You think your body is your purpose.

You lay down your life for it.

And it is only a toy, a tool to be used. It is not meant to rule you.

I know your physicalness is a dilemma for you. But you can live without it. The body does not give you life. You give the body life.

Sometimes you are like a foot soldier who lost his way. He did not go AWOL, but he innocently wandered off away from his purpose. Now his purpose is to find his way back. His general knew where he was, and had sent troops out to find him. He who was looking was being looked for.

And that is what you are doing. You are finding your way back to Me, I, Who never lost you. And when you find Me, or I find you — it's the same thing — you come back to your original purpose.

Yes, your purpose is to find Me. Once you have Me, you begin.

We can say that your purpose is to find Me in all My glory, and then your purpose is to sing My glory. You sing it in your life. You sing it in your eyes. You sing a song of Myself. That is your life.

You are happy when you sing My song. You recognize it. Perhaps you were singing it all along, and now you notice you are. And now you sing with your attention on the meaning of your song.

When you have found your way back to the camp, you are not different. You are the same you, only you are back in camp. The you who had wandered off was not different. It was the same you, only wandered off.

So nothing is really changed except your relief in finding yourself back in the camp. You no longer wander far afield. There is no occasion to. You are where you want to be, with your friends and your captain.

And then you find out you are a captain now, and you have many troops to lead. And where do you lead them? You lead them right to where they are.

That is the discovery. You march to return to the same place. Or you march in place. The march matters, but where you are marching really matters. And there is only one place you can be, and that is with Me, and that is where you are, and where you have always been. You were so locked into time and space that you forgot where you really were, with Whom you were, and what you were for. But now you remember. You begin to remember, and the you who you are has nothing to do with the body you find yourself in. Nothing at all.