who you really are

You Can Soar

God said:

The possibilities of what you can be are endless.

You can be anything you want. You can be a simple person who goes through life adding joy to the lives around him. You can lighten the world. You can be like a smile to the world. You can be a person who sweeps the streets, and you can be magnificent. You can be a great friend. You can lay down the red carpet for everyone. You can be a hero. You can become rich and famous and still be that simple person who adds joy to the lives around him. It is your choice. You can be anything you want.

This Life on Earth

God said:

Your life is a poem. Certainly there is a certain grace in your life, how you move, how you get up and how you sit down. A little bit of your life reveals a lot the same way a short line of poetry reveals Infinity.

You are a metaphor. You are exaggeration, and you are simplicity. You repeat the sounds of yourself. You have rhythm. You are a unique poem of the Universe.

You are not a fixed star. You are a moving star, and so you do not stay in one place, and so you evolve. In the poem of yourself, you have short lines and long lines of verse. You are counterpoint to yourself.

You Are a Divine Being

God said:

As My children perceive life on Earth, there is no cure. Have you not been continually looking for a cure to human life? Have you not looked for this workshop or that workshop, this book or that book, this potion, that potion, this elixir of life, that one, this person, that person? You want a solution. You want growth, yet the cure you seem to be seeking may be oblivion.

There is no potion for relative life, beloveds. So long as you hold on to life in the world for dear life, you are subject to it. So long as you sieve out loss and gain, you struggle away from life.

You Walk across the Red Sea

God said:

Now you do have a clue as to Who you are. You have a hint, yet you have not taken the hint. You just can't quite believe that you are the gold I say you are. But I do not give up. The day will come, and it is not far away, when you will clap your hand to your forehead, and say: "Now I get it. Now I get what God is saying. Now I get it!"

A light bulb will go on in your head, and you will see. For the first time, you will see. You will see the world in a new light. You will see the world with a glow around it, and you will be the glow.

The Illumination You Stand In

God said:

No matter what time of day, when your eyes are closed, the sun in the sky is blocked from your view. When you open your eyes during the sun's reign, you see the light of day.

Sometimes, beloveds, perhaps many times, you are afraid of seeing. You are afraid that you might see miracles. In fact, beloveds, what is not a miracle? Are you not a miracle with the sun's light on you?

A Giant of Love

God said:

You equate your mind with yourself. You are not your mind. Your mind is part of your body. Your mind twists and turns. It is a lovely thing to have a mind. You want it and you have it, yet your mind is changeable. That is really a good thing because you do want your mind to grow, and it grows by changing. Mind is only a part of you, however. It is not you.

Your body is not you.

Your ego is not you.

The Great Ones Still Live

God said:

The seasons are as you think them. In one hemisphere, it is spring. In another, it is fall. You roll with the seasons, and you roll with the Universe.

Before you know it, Christmas will be here. It will appear in a white wonderland, and it will appear in a tropical land. It matters not to Christmas or any holiday what the weather will be. Holidays come along just the same. Holidays don't care how they are wrapped or not wrapped. What does a day need to be a holiday?


God said:

What a treasure of Mine are you! If only you could believe that, the whole world would turn on end. The world is turning. It spins. And you are the spinner of it.

Even encased in a Human body, you are unlimited. Your body is not the limit of you. You extend far beyond. You extend to Heaven.

This time you spend on Earth is an episode. It is a kind of delirium. It is a spin-off from reality. But how real it seems to you! You find the physical so real, so vital, so essential while it is really a will-o'-the-wisp.

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