The Mountain Stream of Life

God said:

You want to erase the error of judgment from you and the error of mistake. You consider mistakes a wrong turn, but they may have been right. They may have been the long way round, but they may have been just right. In any case, when you banish the idea of mistake, you won't make them. You may go the long way around, but you will with joy, and not with fear and not with regret. The mistake is the concept of mistake.

All that you would undo or do differently if you could, or think you would, all when it is not possible for you to follow the passage of what might have been had you taken a different turn! You do not know where a different turn might have taken you. The odds are it would have taken you to the same place you are now. By place, I mean your state of consciousness.

The idea of mistake is living in the past or the future, neither of which exist except in your mind. That's where anything in the relative exists.

And what is the mind but some kind of sieve? It may separate, but it doesn't know what is wheat and what is chaff. It tries; it makes stabs at it, but life is not meant for sifting. It is meant for living. It is meant for savoring, for finding out, not trickling between wires of thought.

And yet you make the same mistakes over and over again. That is it, the mistake you make: to sift life into factions of judgment. That we can call mistake. Your evaluations are error, but not what transpires.

The concept of evaluation is error. What is called error today may not be tomorrow. My children may not know the difference between error and blessing. Will you admit this? Will you admit that you are not always right in your assumptions? From assumption comes judgment. You judge yourself harshly at the same time as you bull-doze along, certain you know what you are doing.

You will admit to error but not to your not always being right. You are certain, you think, what others should or should not do. You are less certain about yourself but you cover that up with great bravado. And all this comes from the concept of mistake.

What if every choice you ever made was the right one, whatever it seems now or ever seemed then. What if every fall you ever made was right? Did you not get up from it?

What if nothing is ever wasted? There is no time, so what can be a waste of it?

Even stalemates have their value.

Perhaps pauses are your taking a breath.

With every breath you take, you are configuring yourself anew. That is how error does not exist. Each moment is its own story, and it changes in the telling. What was and what you see when you look back may not be the same. They almost most certainly will not. How you saw things and how you look at them now are both fragments of yourself, and fragments of you are not the truth of you.

The truth of you is something immaculate.

Purity cannot be impure.

And you are purity.

You are not infallible, but you are invaluable. You are much too dear to be putting X's on your life. Put neither X's nor C's because life is not about correctness or incorrectness. It is a stream you move through. You forge ahead. The thing is that you forge ahead. What rock you stepped on a moment ago is irrelevant to now. Now is the moment of your life. Step high. Keep going. Don't look back. Be with Me now in this mountain spring of life.

Yes, what I am saying is that you have done everything right. All the things you thought were mistakes were not. Perhaps in terms of the relative, they were, but the relative is short-lived and is not the issue nor the answer. You think the relative matters most of all, but you are deluded. In terms of your overall good, you are in the best spot you can be. That doesn't mean you have to stay there, but for right now, you are there, and that can't be wrong.

Just think how different you would feel about yourself if you could accept for one moment that you have not messed up your life. You have opened it. You dropped some cards that you might rather have saved; you saved some cards that you might rather have dropped, but, My dear children, it doesn't matter as you think it does. You have made it matter. It matters because you say so. The world may think it matters, and so you have followed the world's thinking, and so you have dismay. Wouldn't you rather have Me and My way of viewing the changeable in life? Do you really want your happiness dependent upon such unreliable factors as those which the world upholds?

What do you uphold?

Uphold your hearts and you uphold Mine.